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Email Bounces

An important aspect of email marketing is taking the time to organize your contact lists and ensuring that your messages will be delivered with confidence. Today, email marketers are finding many shortcomings in sending out emails. By understanding how email bounces work, it will help ensure a higher deliverability rate for each of your campaigns.

There are two ways you can categorize bounce rates.  A hard bounce is any message that is returned by a recipient server because the address is invalid or because the domain name doesn’t exist. A soft bounce, on the other hand, refers to a temporary issue related to the email address or email recipient’s server. The address is valid, but there is something temporarily preventing the message from sending.

When messages in your email campaign bounce, it negatively affects your delivery rates and sending reputation.  If iContact is your email marketing service provider, after five bounces, our system will flag contacts as ‘Bounced’. This process happens automatically, but you can always add a contact back after they have fixed problems associated with their email address.

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