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I have written a app for a Fortune 500

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    October 24, 2011 1:42 PM EDT

    I have written a application that is being used by a Fortune 500 to manager over 100 million dollars but but not sure if I own it

    Love your program, My name is Paul I partnered with a architecture firm 3 years ago (nothing signed just a hand shake) I build a revolutionary facility management and scoring system that a fortune 500 company has been using for over 3 years to manage nearly 100 million and fanchises payments, I myself have earned less than 30g over those three years in customization of that application, My Partner never wanted to charge them a monthly fee he used it as a service application to push his own sales. I did this all on the side, I have a great full time job and just did not have the time to put myself into the sales side of this application.


    I am a excellent software developer but not a good business person, my question is:

    should I directly contact this fortune 500 company?

    I love my full time job should I just walk away from this side business and move on?

    I have never signed anything do I own this app?