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Should I keep quiet or come clean?

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    June 14, 2012 9:51 AM EDT



    I'm starting up a game and media company. Right now I'm working in an unrelated industry. I have two problems though:


    1) My boss/his family's company is well known in the community. (I once got asked about him during a job interview at a different company) He even serves on different boards throughout the city IE local chamber of commerce. 

    2) Although we currently don't provide these services, I would be moonlighting doing the same job I do at work with my own clients. Example, I'm the online marketing person for my work. I would probably provide consultation/expertise in social to my own clients

    So my questions: 

    1) Should I just let my boss know I'm doing something on the side? As the online marketing person, I'm the evangalist for all things social. So nearly half the company follows me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (Including my boss) Does it matter if its in a different, noncompeting industry?

    2) We are a liquor distributor so our customers are pretty much every restruant, hotel, and corner shop in town. Although I would never use company contacts to pitch/sell. Would it look bad to my employer to be essentially doing the same job (online/social marketing) in my own business as my day job?

    I'm trying to keep this as ethical as possible, but what would be the harm of me doing something like this when its not even the same industry? (I make games, they sell booze) I just worry it may be awkward running into my boss at any networking events. Any help you all can provide would be awesome. 



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    December 2, 2013 5:54 AM EST

    I say come clean.


    However, don't present him a problem - present him with solutions!


    You'll find out the longer you keep it in, the more restrictive you'll be. How can you geniunely market or feel comfortable with your product if you're afraid of speaking of it publicly?


    Figure out a way how your company can: 


    1) Bring him more customers (mutual marketing)

    2) Increase his brand presence (code a digital banner into the game or have him sponsor your launch)


    These guys are so caught up in their careers and life.  They're always busy and needed elsewhere.  When someone solves their problems before it even hits their desk,  that someone becomes a keeper.