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Online Marketing Go!

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    January 25, 2010 6:12 AM EST

    Hello All!


    I haven't posted on these forums in a really log time. About six months ago I began Interning as an Online Marketing coordinator. Aspects of my job include both graphic and web design, in addition to web analytics and social media marketing. It's alot to take in. But it's been very fun. It's also been suprisingly entreprenurial. Since this is virgin territory for my company, I am in essecence leading the charge. I'm looking for resources on both internet marketing and books/tutorials on how to increase my skill as a designer.


    I graduated with a BFA in Game ARt and Design. So I have some skills in both Graphic Design and Web design but I can always improve. Likewise i've read some blog on internet marketing but since this is a new field it's hard to find a definitive source of how tos. With that in mind do you folks have any suggestions?

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