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Why is it so hard to sell JUST ONE BAG A DAY????

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    November 29, 2014 4:49 PM EST
    <blockquote><strong><a href="/community/profile/tessimal">tessimal</a> said:</strong><br />Hi Nicole I just checked out your shop. You have 2 pages of items. <br />
    If you want to sell a bag a day you must list at least 1 item a day.<br />
    My Etsy Motto for Success "The More You List The More You Sell!"<br /><br />
    Think About it, When you list a Bag, the point of time you enter it<br />
    into the listing category it moves from the top of the list down to the bottom.<br />
    As the days go by it goes down page after page of listings.<br /><br />
    Your item is no longer at the top. So if you list a new item everyday people can find you when they  do a search for bags and the most recently listed items come up.<br /><br />
    You can check this yourself look at the sellers that list 5-10 aprons a day.<br /><br />
    You can look at the date their items were listed and see how many sales they have per day.<br /><br />
    You might say well "I can not make a bag a day." But you could list other items,<br />
    like supplies,grommets, zippers, binding, trim, fabric or even vintage items. Your shop does not have to be limited to handbags. List daily, or at least 2 times a week and your sales will increase.<br /><br />
    The secret to successful sales is "Keep Listing" then people will find you.<br />
    People that sell 2-10 or more items a day have 200-6000 items listed in their shops.<br />
    Or if they just do hand made they list daily and have over 50 items.<br /><br />
    I hope this helped if you have any more questions convo me Tessimal
    </blockquote><br />

    This is amazing advice! I have a small etsy shop too and have noticed more success the more I list new things too.

    my handmade purses and handbags
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