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This Ponzi Scheme Has a Happy Ending

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    October 17, 2006 11:59 AM EDT
    Hey...I live here in Oregon...and have frequented their wine bar here in Dundee...they have a WONDERFUL pinot! If you ever get the is well worth the traffic through the tiny little town! I actually live in Yamhill which is just over the hill from Dundee (literally). I believe the Ponzi vinyards are actually in Hillsboro or Tualatin or something like that! I just love their wine though! I had never know their true story though...thanks for I will raise my glass with you!

    Leah Tucker

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    October 16, 2006 3:34 PM EDT

    I just caught up with this Key Move story about Ponzi Vineyards and successfully building a family business. It’s a nice story about the power and possibilities of family, and leaves me wanting to try some of their wines.


    Reading the conclusion – that by making family a priority and having a strategy to encourage the participation of their children, the Ponzis have successfully made their business part of the family legacy – I couldn’t help being struck by the irony.

    In American history the Ponzi name is most associated with “Ponzi schemes” – illegal pyramid schemes that defraud investors of huge sums.


    So, in a sense, this Ponzi family has boldly and successfully reclaimed the family name. And how have they done it? By successfully implementing the best kind of “pyramid scheme”, multi-generational family involvement.


    So when I actually first get to taste one of those Ponzi pinots, I’ll try and remember to raise my glass and toast this nice entrepreneurial story – the Ultimate Ponzi scheme.


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