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Requesting helpful advice from Food-Entreprenuers

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    January 2, 2007 8:50 AM EST
    I`ve been listening to the Podcast for a while now and finally decided to check out the site. Good stuff. Funny thing is i just saw the Comcast commercial a few minutes ago... 

    So I have three great tasting specialty desserts (non can be found in stores, great niche to get into, very broad across the board and appeals to every sweets lover), and a few desserts that my fiance and i tested and received a great response, in fact even after the holidays people are still requesting one of our specialty desserts.

    I would love to take it full time but keep it homemade and out of the factory. I believe people tend to appreciate the homemade quality and time and effort put into the products. What is the best way to expand such a business into a full time business?

    Any advice is helpful... I`m still in school getting my masters in Training and Development... so time is not really an issue but then again i will be getting married so timing is everything, especially with the holidays coming and going...
    turkish2007-1-4 10:9:1

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