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Could We Create a Business Together?

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    November 27, 2006 8:28 PM EST
    I could see that alot of it could be done virtually except for acturally sampling the cookies.
    Our choice of products is not limited to cookies. The possibilities are almost endless. We must be careful not to limit or constrain our thinking this early.
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    November 28, 2006 6:46 AM EST
    Steve, I really like your ideas and your presentation of them... but I admit to being puzzled... it sounds to me as though you are proposing to create a business that would be a competitor of yours. Am I missing something? (You`re ready to retire anyway, maybe?)

    It`s not at all uncommon for companies with surplus capacity to manufacture products for "a competitor." It`s called private label manufacturing.

    Think of it this way. I`m paying for my facility 24/7. Every hour it`s idle is costing me money. Every hour it`s working profitably is making me money. Doesn`t matter who`s product I`m making.

    I`m not about to retire, at least not from the baking business. I`m just getting started. Actually this Friday is my last day full-time at my day job. Monday is the day I seriously get down to business. Everything up till now has been a proof of concept.
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    November 28, 2006 6:53 AM EST
    Oh my dear Steve, there it is again: Glutton Free!  maybe the universe is trying to tell us something here...a new name? Glutton Free? No guilt! No glut! No gluten! Hee hee
    If we choose this business the first task has to be teaching everyone involved how to spell and pronounce gluten.

    Repeat after me... glue-ten.
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    November 28, 2006 8:03 AM EST

    Every morning this week my wife sends me off with "this is your last Monday", "this is your last Tuesday", etc. I think she`s as excited about getting her weekends back as anything.
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    October 5, 2006 6:56 PM EDT
    Count me in..Sounds like a wonderful idea

    Sarah Founder Gift giving made easy

  • April 14, 2007 8:05 AM EDT
    I`m definately in - love to share ideas, and (one of the few) I love to research and write busienss plans.

    I also agree that it could be more than one business that comes out of this opportunity. 

    When do we get started??


    Julianna Sauber

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    January 4, 2011 12:34 AM EST

    great idea

    but one problem : not everyone is comfortable sharing business idea with just anyone, let alone on the virtual net with stranger

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    October 10, 2006 6:45 AM EDT
    I very seriously doubt it would be successful.  The concept is completely contrary to the nature of entrepreneurs (competitive).  At the end of the day who makes the final decision - concensus does NOT work.
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    October 12, 2006 6:29 AM EDT
    I like the environmental angle, too, and so does Wall Street.

    In case you missed it, there`s a terrific new video series out, called Design e^2 (e squared), which is all about exciting new developments in green technology.

    One little factoid: Mayor Daley is making Chicago the greennest city on the planet.

    I see this movement only getting larger throughout our lifetimes.

    Brian Flanagan

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    October 13, 2006 8:16 AM EDT
    I`d like to throw in a disagreement, in the spirit of amicable debate. I`ve been following the so-called "green" bottom line [...]

    I don`t think we really disagree on matters of substance; history certainly bears out your views regarding hunters, fishermen and what might be called natural conservationists -- at least, those among them who are sufficiently rational to understand their own self-interest.

    On the other hand, there are those who have hunted species to extinction.

    In the large, I see a dynamic balance between the personal and the social continuing to evolve.

    I did not say so explicitly, but my comments were directed more toward  profitable new technologies, renewable resources and the like.

    Returning to hunters and fishermen, one of my favorite ideas has to do with creating large carbon sinks by way of man-made lakes and reservoirs. A system of pipelines and canals could shunt water away from where it`s abundant (New Orleans, e.g.) to where it`s most needed -- the increasingly arid west, where wildfires continue to drive us toward a tipping point (which we may have already passed).

    By creating water parks and venues for sportsmen of all kinds, the system could pay for itself in users` fees.

    bjflanagan2006-10-13 13:21:15

    Brian Flanagan

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    October 15, 2006 10:51 AM EDT
    It seems clear that high tech will be around for a while. Here`s a link to a group with whom we might form common cause:
    IEEE-USA Entrepreneurs` Village


    Seeing what others are doing can help spark fresh thinking:

    Scientists and researchers from around the world have been exhibiting their gadgets at New York`s WIRED NextFest. And some of these products have the potential to change lives.

    A woman playing a computer game
    Computer game controllers do not have to be conventional to be fun

    Novelty technology is not just fun and games, it can also save lives.

    The NextFest exhibition in New York is a celebration of great ideas.

    It has everything from the latest in airline ticket security, to a wall of colour you can swish around with your hand, to computer software for people in the developing world who cannot read.

    And it is more about ideas and concepts than the latest, greatest cell phone or palmtop computer. tm


    Make: Tech on your time



    Brian Flanagan

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    October 18, 2006 7:45 AM EDT

    I love the idea and think that it is possible to make this concept a reality, especially with an organization like Startupnation helping pave the way.  I have been looking for an IDEA like this to invest into and this might just be that opportunity.  A message that I saw in response to this idea that was posted by CraigL gave me the following let me try to explain:

    Wouldn`t it be great if everytime you needed to know how to do something the Subject Matter Expert (SME) was sitting right next to you to help you personally? What if knowledge from the experts was always current and helped give you the competitive edge you need to be successful in business?  What if that knowledge was available anytime/anywhere 7x24 when and where you need it? 

    What if this proposed VIRTUAL company was able to easily capture key "know how" knowledge from any and all Startupnation Community members about any topic, industry, profession, skill set, process, etc and be able to share it with anyone inside or outside the community easily, effectively and efficiently? Basically, having an expert`s knowledge on-demand 7/24 on any topic when and were you need it....just like having the real expert sitting right next to you?


    Mike Nunnery

    I love this idea.

    Brian Flanagan

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    October 22, 2006 6:59 AM EDT
    At the risk of belaboring the obvious, it seems as though we could combine the consulting and mall ideas, and include enviromental expertise among the offerings.

    Brian Flanagan

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    October 24, 2006 5:05 AM EDT

    2.  StartupNation Magazine -  go head to head with Entreprenuer magazine.  Same concept, with the power of all us SUNners creating the articles, selling the ad space, promoting it online, etc.  We`d sell the magazine via the usual channels, and again split the revenue.  We`ve got plenty of people here on SUN to make this one work. 



    Great idea!

    It just so happens that I am a writer and editor:

    Here`s recent piece that`s more like straight essay.

    Now, before you say, "O, man, this guy`s out there past Pluto," please be advised that, while that may be true, it is also the case that Stanford is going to be hosting a symposium on this very thing, come spring.

    They seem to think it worth mentioning at Cambridge.

    It`s also worth noting -- especially for entrepreneurs -- that this event signals a major shift of paradigm.

    The last time this happened, the technological spin-offs included transistors, lasers and nuclear energy -- or, the basis of our modern economies.

    Brian Flanagan

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    October 26, 2006 7:13 AM EDT

    Hey Brian:  It`s interesting you mentioned a major paradigm shift as I was going to bring that up in the Bootstrapper thread which by the way some of you here may want to check out.  Entrepreneurship is beginning to experience a major paradigm shift.  We are so very fortunate to be living during a time when advance in technology provides such fertile ground for entrepreneurs.  The internet is but an infant~ just think about that! 

    Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I agree with you on all points.

    I`m close to retiring the term, "paradigm shift"; it`s been used so much, it`s nearly lost all punch, but I do believe it applies here.

    We are indeed fortunate; it`s easy to get jaded about the internet and good to be reminded that it remains a mere babe.

    I appreciate your enthusiasm;  SUN is far and away the most lively venue of its kind (that I know of) and it is both a pleasure and a privilege to meet so many bright, dynamic individuals.


    bjflanagan2006-10-26 12:18:12

    Brian Flanagan

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    October 27, 2006 6:52 AM EDT

    MiteyMite - thanks for the great insights and for kicking us all in the collective behind!

    Jeff –

          1.       Branded e-commerce store for ID theft/privacy products

    2.       Web Development and Online marketing company

    3.       Co-op/Mall (Jeff has told us that this concept is part of SuN’s strategic plan and is already in the works)

    4.       Consulting firm – possibly focusing on helping launch startups

    5.       Magazine

    6.       SuN University (really more of an idea for the SuN team)

    7.       E-commerce site for advertising specialties

    8.       E-commerce site for home and beauty products

    9.       Eric’s idea alluded to in his post today but not yet shared

    Re: 3, 4, 5, & 8, I would like to see products & services & articles with an environmental component.

    This is a growing movement and one that hits us all where we live.


    Brian Flanagan

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    October 28, 2006 9:20 AM EDT

    To the Sloan brothers - yall need to contact the producer that does them reality show (The Apprentice)  and create an internet cable show whereas you have 4 groups of team and [...]

    The show could be exclusively shown on SUN Internet TV station...

    Well it just a thought because of all the cutbacks that are going on at the major TV network studios.

    Interesting idea!


    bjflanagan2006-10-29 10:41:37

    Brian Flanagan

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    October 28, 2006 9:22 AM EDT

    Brian Flanagan

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    November 1, 2006 2:57 AM EST

    Has anyone been paying attention to the legislation coming forth to tier internet access on a "subscription basis"?  There is a strong lobby for this and it deals not only with tiered pricing for speed, but for access, simliar to cable and sattelite subscriptions now.

    I saw a TV program on this topic.

    Herewith my fair and balanced assessment:

    The people fighting the tier system tend to be erudite, impartial and informed.

    Those in favor are flacks, hacks and flunkies for fat cats. They disport, I deride.


    Brian Flanagan

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    November 1, 2006 2:58 AM EST

    Has anyone been paying attention to the legislation coming forth to tier internet access on a "subscription basis"?  There is a strong lobby for this and it deals not only with tiered pricing for speed, but for access, simliar to cable and sattelite subscriptions now.

    The major problem with the tier approach is that it would lead to a few bloated players owning the net, akin to the current situation in big media.

    Think of what Clear Channel has done to radio, e.g. (The horror!)

    bjflanagan2006-11-1 10:3:8

    Brian Flanagan

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    November 5, 2006 5:47 AM EST
    So what`s my big idea? As I posted on BrandBuilding: 10 word pitch:

    JanSkin. "Late Night Lingerie For Occasions That Make You Feel Special.

    "How about "Late night lingerie for special occasions."?

    Fewer words --> higher impact.

    Brian Flanagan

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    October 5, 2006 11:21 AM EDT
    I actually thought about creating a business around this very idea a few months ago.

    I can be the software engineer/architect!
  • June 28, 2009 10:22 PM EDT
    Hm. There are many barter associations already existent. I`m still trying to figure out exactly how your notion is different and more extensive.
    PS. the text boxes just vanish in Internet Explorer. I had to open Safari in order to browse.
    AaronAgassi6/29/2009 3:26 AM
  • June 29, 2009 3:49 AM EDT
    How about counting up the creatives here and defining the categories to see if a onlne creative services group can become a startup?

    You mean, undertake a human resource inventory?

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    October 15, 2006 9:51 AM EDT

    jeff, I think it is a fabulous idea with alot         &n bsp;         &n bsp;           realistic possibilitie






    jeff I think it is a fabulous idea, with a plethera of unique possibilities. My mantra augument circumvent implement ones actions and the best is yet to come. Let us all apply our due diligence and commence forward on this soujourne.

                                                      Dr. bart         &n bsp;     






    s.                                 ea, with alot of realist possibilities. MY mantra is augument circumvent and implement the complte process and to nove forward with eexecution and due diligencee forward with execution and due diligence.    Dr. Bart

    sunbird2006-10-15 15:3:14

    bart tarrington chairman sunbird project