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Partnership Structure recomendations required

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    December 14, 2012 4:07 PM EST

    I have been affiliated with a company that I guided in the right direction upon startup many years ago.  The company is now well establised and there are two partners present.  Both partners are entreprenuers and have their hands in quite a few projects outside of this core business.  I have received numerous offers over the past to join the company, however I am very comfortable and stable in my current role.  I currently do some consulting for the company (over the past 2 years) and the offer for me to join the team is on the table again and have been asked to provide a few proposals of my conditions of joining.  I do not want to leave my current role as a senior executive for just another pay cheque, and am looking for recomendations on how i may be able to structure an agreement that will allow me to be a part of the business.  The expertise that i will be bringing to the group will be executive level leadership, sales and marketing and a few others.  My role will be to utilize my expertise to move the company from a small 5mill company to 10-15mill over the few years.


    Any recomendations that will allow me to have more of a stake in the game than just a salary will be greatly appreciated.