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investors before the business plan

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    December 11, 2012 8:45 AM EST

    Hi all, 


    I have a startup that will have a base in Europe and USA. So there is some ambition starting off as a multinational but it is viable. We have already received some interest from investors before we even were able to get a business plan together (we pulled off a 15-pager for two investors in a couple of days) and have already caught the attention of a VC who wants to put some seed money, perhaps even buy at a later date. I prefer that he starts off as an angel investor for the this round and then he can come in as a VC in proceeding rounds. But depending on the money he is putting down, I have to consider his requirements.

    So I want to explore  I am curious what investment proposals/exit strategies you would suggest. Remember, we are literally in the embryonic stage of the business (no cash on table); we have not even finished our financial planning and we just started this venture a few months ago. So everything is happening faster than anticipated and I would like to see what folks on this site suggest.