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Getting Things Done

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    October 15, 2008 2:20 PM EDT

    That`s good advice, Michael. I have been working on an order of 25 gift bags, (which isn`t due until Oct. 31st) I have finished and delivered 22, but have been dragging my feet on designing  the last three.  I have been working on other orders and working around it instead of just finishing it, knowing that it would take only a little of my time, and I would be finished.


    "Treat every day as a new adventure"

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    September 30, 2008 12:57 PM EDT
    Has anyone read the book called "Getting Things Done?"  I just want to get a sense for what the biggest takeaway tips you got from it.
    I personally liked, "if you can do it in less than 2 minutes, the second you think of it.... do it"

    Mike Michalowicz
    Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

  • October 2, 2008 4:42 AM EDT
    I haven`t read that specific book yet but its now on my list. Thanks.
    One of the most powerful tips on time management that I have ever learned was: "go through your to-do list, find the item that you would least like to do that day, and do it..." Often the things we have been putting off (dreading) for a long time are the most important things to do and will provide the greatest rewards.

    Michael A. Silva
    Silva Consultants

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    May 26, 2010 10:26 PM EDT

    Everyone interested in productivity has read GTD... it's got a strong following.

    Personally I only use some of the concepts, because I find it isn't suited to the way I work and lifestyle I lead. I think it works better for people who have a more structured life. It is an extremely structured way to organize yourself.

    The biggest takeaway i got from it is this:

    "things that you don't deal with take up space in your mind and slow you done."

    This can be anything in your life. Not necessarily business. So, if you had an argument with your wife and left it unresolved, it takes up mental space subconsciously and will reduce your productivity. even if you don't realize it. If you have 3 tasks you are procrastinating about, they will take up space also.

    The way the author deals with it is to schedule them in a system so that he can 'forget' about them - it only works if you have 100% trust in your system, so that you can forget about them and know they will get taken care of.

    Read the book. You'll definitely get value from it.

    Tristen Ferrari

    Maximize Health and Fitness with Minimum Time Investment