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Online Contracts

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    January 3, 2009 12:09 PM EST
    I am considering setting up a web site, in which different parties may make rentals between themselves. The purpose of the site is simply to list items available for rent by individuals, and other individuals can see the items information, contact them, and if so desired make an agreement between themselves to rent the items. The site itself would not be involved in any way other than the items listings and initiating contact between the individuals.

    The main reason I am thinking of electronic/online types is because some of the rentals may be under a time constraint as far as making an agreement and actually starting the rental term.

    I am wondering if I should recommend, or affiliate with, another company that specializes in online contracts, or possibly set up a system on my own site. Again, all contracts would be between the individuals and not include my site in any way, but to offer the convenience of having the system on my site may assist the overall process for the individuals.

    Either way, would anyone foresee any legal issues I need to think about? Are there any contract providers you would recommend? Or anything else to consider or look into?

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