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Three questions about Wholesale Lots

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    July 18, 2013 5:52 AM EDT

    Hi there guys ! I'm a young entrepreneur willing to begin selling products online. I've established an LLC in Wyoming

    as a Foreign Entity (as I'm a resident of European country) and I've obtained certification from Secretary of State

    and EIN number from IRS. I would like to ask few questions :


    1. I would like to ask which documents exactly are required by any professionally operating wholesale company?

    I know that professional wholesale lots are confirming each business partner before establishing a relationship with him. I mean basicly showing prices and products to potential user.


    2. Do I need to sign any agreement or some sort of contract with them ? I ask because I would like to be protected and not

    fall on any scammers. What are the ways to be protected in that kind of long-distance business relationships ?


    3. How can I know if a particular company is legit and trusty ? How to not fall on scams that take thousands and send you bricks instead of your ordered goods ?


    Thanks for any help !