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Help....New sales rep...confused!!!!

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    January 15, 2012 6:44 AM EST

    Hi there everyone....I'm going to be repping for a Paddle Board Company out of the States (I'm in Canada and I live in BC).  The company is based out of LA.  They found a distributor for me in Toronto, Ont.  Is it me, or is that distance going to be a problem?  Paddle boards are 9' to 16' long, 3' wide but thankfully not that heavy (approx. 30lbs) Shipping to me is obviously going to be a problem...yes???

    Also is a distributor a good thing for a sales rep?  I don't want them selling directly to the customer, or why sell.  I really don't understand the whole process, but I'm very willing to learn.  If someone could help me even if its to redirect me to other posts that would be great!

    (Another couple of questions are, do I ever deal with the company I rep. for, or are all my dealings with the distributor?)  Do they pay for shipping or is that my responsiblity?   You get the drift...I need some serious sales 101!!