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Small Loan and advice

  • February 3, 2013 5:02 AM EST

    Hi Stuckey

    I agree with Pooper-Scooper, do your best to avoid a loan.  The loan and the cost of the loan will only increase your burden to becoming profitable.

    Again Pooper-Scooper has some good questions to consider.  What do you want to sell?  Start a very limited inventory of that item.  (Just make sure you don't auction something you don't already have in inventory, as you will get dinged on eBay if you don't deliver the goods timely.)  You have control over your auctions on eBay, so you can start with a very limited inventory, and buy more as you sell through...

    Also, have you looked into the Trading Assistant program that eBay offers?  This program allows you to be an assistant of someone looking to sell on eBay but does not have the time.  You make money by charing them fees for the items you sell for them.  May not be as lucrative, but could be a way to fund your adventure of selling your own stuff without getting a loan.  Always research throughly the reputation of someone you look to do business with...

    I hope this helps.

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    January 9, 2013 9:24 PM EST

    I am interested in being an Ebay seller but I am on a fixed income and I do not have the capital to purchase items to sell on Ebay. I have joined ebay and paypal but I do not have the funds to get started

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    January 29, 2013 9:39 AM EST

    Hi Stuckey,

    It is fun to sell things on eBay, and to get started you don't have to spend much money.  It's not like you have to have a whole truckload of things to begin with, is it?  I generally think it's a good idea to avoid getting any kind of loan if you can possibly avoid it.

    What kind of thing do you want to sell on eBay?  I used to sell out-of-print books there, and enjoyed doing that for a few years.  I started with just a couple of books that I bought for a dollar or less at thrift stores.  The key to that kind of selling, that is, to selling collectibles, is knowledge.  You have to know your field, know the kind of things that are worth more than what the thrift store is charging.  In my case I specialized in used children's books, books about business, and books about obsolete (or "legacy") technology (books about steam plants, for instance).  My point is, if it's something that you know about and are interested in yourself, then you'll be able to recognize things that you know others will want, and then you can pick them up at thrift stores, garage sales, auctions and so on.  When you sell like that on eBay, you don't have to have more than a few dollars to get started.  In my case, I was sometimes able to buy a book for a dollar or two and sell it for $200.  True!  Well, that didn't happen often, but it did happen a few times and that was quite a thrill! 

    SO... the question is, what sort of thing is it that you want to sell on eBay?

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    January 29, 2013 12:55 AM EST

    If you wanna be a seller on Ebay then investment is necessary as you know. if your income is fixed then my opinion for you is to get payday loan from some good lender, if you know that how to business with Ebay and familiar with rules undergo by Ebay. Payday loan suits you because they are easily available online with 12 to 24 months duration and also with less interest rate.

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