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Finding Reliable outsourcing partners

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    November 4, 2012 10:47 PM EST

    Tired of looking for reliable and experienced partners for outsourcing IT projects? The IT market is full of amateurs? How to make the right decision and build long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with efficient companies- are the main issues of this article.


    Choosing the right partner for your business is a very difficult and laborious task as there is a great selection of outsourcing companies that for sure deserve your attention. What should you take into account when choosing an IT outsourcing partner?


    Find out your partner's specialization


    Most IT companies offer one degree of outsourcing services where they specialize in. But a few companies can excel in larger types of outsourcing. These companies can be a great solution in assisting your business. Having found one reliable partner can save your time and efforts in building long-term relations.


    Ask for references


    Choose companies with a proven track record. Ask for references to find out more about the timely deliveries and customer support services. Find out if your offshore partner has experience in the services that meet your business needs. You can also ask your outsourcing partner for samples.


    Communication skills


    Check the technical and communication skills of the person who will lead your project. You should be able to contact your partner. Good communication can help you to handle the tasks in the best way.


    Communication plan


    Don’t forget about the communication plan with your partner. To make the process effective decide it beforehand.


    Time zone


     Before taking the decision, you need to consider the time zone of your offshore partner. Different time zones can provide round-the-clock operations. But some projects require only simultaneous cooperation.


    Check for financial stability


    Make sure that your outsource partner is financially stable and secure. You can also find out more information about experience and qualification of the outsourcing company directors and managers.


    Post development support


    Find out if your partner would provide full software lifecycle and support services after the project has been implemented. Post development support can help you resolve any issues that you might be having and cope with any complex problems.