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Will people speak Java language in Ukraine?

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    October 28, 2012 10:42 PM EDT

    After the controversial law on languages came into force in Ukraine, the Internet users couldn’t but ignore this news. Later appeared an information that one of the Ukrainian programmers offered to give Java the status of "regional language" in Lviv.


    The law is aimed at approving the use of any minority language in courts, schools and other government institutions in areas where the percentage of its users exceeds 10% of the population. Of course at first it was just a joke, but after that, the developer has created a real online petition, which has already gathered 700 votes.


    The main points of his petition:

    •  Java-programmers are in absolute minority
    •  They are forced to use other languages
    •  Java-programmers have no legal right to communicate in their mother tongue
    •  Programmers can`t give their children Java-names, such as Hashkod, Block, Systems, etc
    •  There are no schools in which children can learn Java language



    The developer himself admits that this is just a "subtle trolling" but he didn’t expect to find so many people, who shared his idea. It was really inspiring. What’s why if it gets more public support, he would have to organize demonstrations and picketing:). Let’s wish him good luck in such a noble effort. Unfortunately, it is just a pipe dream. But we decided to conduct a survey and find out what programming language is the most popular. For the responders we have chosen programmers of a successful and rapidly growing company INP-software (Ukraine, Zhytomyr). The majority of workers have chosen:   






    And What about you? What programming language would you like to have as a "regional" in your own town? Is it possible that someday we will have Java or C# schools and people would use them for everyday communication? Your opinion is important for us!

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    October 29, 2012 5:45 PM EDT
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    November 30, 2013 1:21 AM EST

    C# is obe of the most demanded language in the industry. c# has many advantages , especially for a beginner. It is Object oriented and easy ot understand. It has a very good developing environment and evrything you needed for a development get from one place, even in web development also. That why c# is rising nowadays.