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I&E to EU without openning subsidiary

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    December 7, 2009 12:25 PM EST

    I am a small business owner. Our business sells cosmetic products online. We are getting a growing number of orders from customers in EU countries. Since we would like to improve our services (faster shipping at lower cost) to our European customers we would like to store some of the inventory in one of the EU countries. Please note that we would not like to open a subsidiary or a chapter there, only keep some of our inventory there. Also note that all the products that we are selling are FDA approved but many lack CE mark (we do not market them in EU nor will we in the future). We were advised by our EU partner (that would handle the storage and shipping) to obtain EORI number so we would be able to export and import the goods into EU.

    Please advise to us if our reasoning is sound: We would obtain EORI number and resident statusĀ  (for VAT purposes) in one of EU countries. We, or a logistics company acting in our name, would export and import goods into EU. Local company would than storage goods and ship them out upon received orders.

    Please advise us as how to best to approach this situation.

    We appreciate your time and help!

    Best Regards,

    Marcus Flis