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Serial entrepreneur - structure

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    September 13, 2013 5:26 PM EDT

    I want to be a "serial entrepreneur." Hypothetically, assuming I have little problem accessing capital or
    generating ideas, what would be the best way to set up my operation? Would it be as follows:

    Start with a holding company. The capital used to set up this holding company will come from myself
    and investors (the investors are essentially investing in my ability). Lets say I put in 20K and others 180K for
    a market cap of 200K, of which i will own 10% of the company. However, I would like the option to buy out
    shareholders/investors if certain goals are reached - say a 500% roi in 24 months. In addition to starting
    new companies/ventures and making investments, this holding company will assume the costs of my basic
    office expenses, market research, a modest salary, etc. basically the costs associated with exploring and
    implementing new ventures.

    Does that all sound right?  Would I personally own shares in the holding company or would i own another
    company or trust that does that? Probably not I assume?

    Also, not that it really matters, but would the 180K or 90% of stock definitely need to be non voting stock for
    me to be assured of running the holding company autonomously - ie choosing my own directors, ceo etc.



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    October 16, 2013 10:52 PM EDT

    It sounds like you're getting ahead of yourself and way overthinking things.


    You say you might have trouble accessing capital and thinking of ideas...that tells  me you don't have an actual business idea yet much less money to launch a business.


    Take a step back. Breathe.


    First determine what kind of business you want to start. Hint: find a need and fill that need. Then figure out how viable the idea is by creating a business plan. You'll also need the business plan to interest investors if it comes to that. It will also tell you how much funding you will need.


    Get the basics taken care of before you try to build your empire.

    Sylvia Business Plan Mentor

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    October 21, 2013 11:24 AM EDT

    Sylvia, I totaly agree and add that one does not chose to be a "serial entrepreneur." it is by fault.  Focus on one area that you truly believe in and your own self in making a diffrence and stay with it till you reached your goals or have failed.

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