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UInvest Essay Contest

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    April 25, 2013 12:48 AM EDT

    Dear Uinvestors & Potential Uinvestors...

     I could recall when i first started to joined Uinvest, it was somewhere in December 2009 or January 2010.

     I came acrossed Uinvest website from a suggestion by another website as i got via google. I was googling about "making money online" and "genuine internet money making" as the key-word brought me to Uinvest. I had lost thousands before via online, including trading Forex.

     During that time, around the year 2010. During that time that i registered with Uinvest. There wasn't any review nor forum talking about Uinvest, none at all. So i had been actively monitoring and studying about Uinvest company and their website, i have been Uinvest chatter in their online chat ever since for about a year. Then only i decided to invest in it, a year of monitoring it, it changed my thoughts of Uinvest. They are genuine, and keep on moving foward and foward unlike those HYIP Scams company nor websites.

     I am one of the earliest member of Uinvest to registered with Uinvest, holding a 2 digits ID number. I watched the grow of Uinvest, from a small fish company to what they are now a multi-million multinational company and keep on moving foward. They started with a decent 5 projects for investors to invest in, and now they have many projects to invest in and broader their projects portfolio outside of Ukraine to worldwide.

     2013 sees Uinvest has grown to be a stronger company, being under "CrowdFunding" agreement they are moving foward to be the first Online Equity Exchange. As i am the Regional Manager (Malaysia) for Uinvest, i hope that i could aid turn this company into a multi-billion company by end 2014.

     It's hard to convince people to invest online, people are being skeptical now days. Many had been cheated by online scammers. Hey... I had been cheated before, but i never give up searching for a genuine oppourtunity. Because i didn't quit to give up that i found Uinvest. It is currently my full time career with them. I know every management person in Uinvest, i participated and contributed many in Uinvest growth. We are just like a big family. For those who are skeptical, if you didn't try you'd never know. The keyword is, "never never never ever give up" (quoted by Winston Churchill).

     For those who knows me, i was nothing, a zero person. And thanks to Uinvest, i've become a hero. I helped many people, to live a life they wanted nor to buy things they dream of, just by being an Investor with Uinvest. I've groomed many Agents to earn extra income by marketing Uinvest, apart from their own investment. These people also eventually, many had became a hero them self.

     Uinvest is a new proven concept, it's similar to Stock Exchange, but they are Equity Exchange. Their concept is based on "Profit Sharing", that is why in Uinvest the profit of the investment is called as "earning" instead of dividen.

     For those who is reading this, and still seeking oppourtunity albait those who are still skeptical. Come and join my team, join us with Uinvest. Make a different in your life, Invest Once - Get Paid a Life Time (as long as your investment capital is active)

     If you are working or doing businesses, don't quit your job just yet, don't stop the businesses you are doing. Do it both, investing in Uinvest wouldn't take much of your time (unlike Forex). Yet, 2 income is better than 1 isn't it ?


    Written by xedium

    Decent Readers,

     Please let me introduce myself, my name is hanna, i'm indonesian and i'm an uinvestor just like you (or uinvestor candidates just like me few weeks ago).

     As you can see, i'm new in this neighborhood, and i really hope that UINVEST is still exist for years to come and become stronger together with us, all uinvestors.

     I found UINVEST accidentally on the internet when I was browsing, looking for the best Business Online i can trust for investment (because i already lost lots of money in most promising HYIPs but turned out not to be trusted and i'm getting sick enough of it).

     I was sceptical at the very first moment, but i decided to open an account without invest, and i decided to 'just take a look' do.

     I scrutinize what all people talking about in all chat rooms and discover that they actually pay every month as the rule had noted and it's been going on for many years.

     For me it's a WONDERFUL story to be heard.

     soon as i knew the TRUTH, i decided to invest my first $214 and buy a share, and still continue increase my balance to invest.

     I have been heavily involved with HYIPs and got ZERO result.

     But i do really hope uinvest is not HYIP (like some people said out there),

     I do believe i can (we all can) get UNLIMITED result with UINVEST.


     Best Regards,

    Written by Hanna

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    April 25, 2013 12:28 AM EDT

    I'm a student from Romania at Politehnica University of Bucharest. I have to pay scholar taxes, about 600$ per semester this is a huge amount for me also i need to pay for every exam that i pass about $35-$45 a lot for a usual romania family. When i discover Uinvest i was very happy thinking that this crowd funding platform can help me very much in studies. I start with 150$ because this was the amount of my pocket, i buy 2 shares and get a total 28$ per month . I say "pretty good" and i start to tell the people about Uinvest. It was a hard work to make people have trust in this company but after several weeks i start having referrals that invest till today more then 40000$ it's a good score for my work. Now i'm an GUN Agent and i earn per month 600$ this is very good for me.I will can graduate my university and Uinvest will be very happy to know that they are made the dream and passion of a student to become true, to become an Engineer in Computer Science.
     I‘m pretty sure this isn‘t the most precious life story. But the fact that you managed to make a man‘s dream coming true is priceless.

    Written by xanderu

    Hi, I'm Peter from Hungary, my nickname is nincsvalsag. Nincs Válság is mean in Hungarian language: NO RECESSION. I started making money on the internet when the financial recession has begun (5 years ago). My friend introduced UInvest to me in the last month of 2010. So I created my account more than two years ago, firstly I "tested the waters" with small amount, my first share was one Recording Company share for $28 and when I received my first divident ($3 - 10% = $2,70) I invested more and more in this platform. I invested a few thousands of dollar during the first year , then I multiplied this amount. At my 2nd "anniversary" I got the Premium Investor (VIP) status, on this site, so I'm enjoying special privilegs now, and I'm very happy to be a member of this great project!

    Written by nincsvalsag

    Since before retiring, approximately 3 years before, I prepare what would I do to add the money to my retirement income. As long as that time I am familiar with Forex Trading, Futures Index Trading & HYIP. But all of that could not give me the definite income, in fact I have always suffered losses. In Oktober 2012 I found Uinvest. At that time I have not been able to invest because I have not the money in cash. Finally in mid-January 2013 I bought 7 shares in Uinvest with a total price $ 4.460 and now every month I receive a dividend of $ 632 from Uinvest. Thank you Uinvest.
    Now I know why Uinvest trustworthy, why uinvest for Investors, Uraise => for the projects who needed the fresh funds.

    Written by Hermanuhadi

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    April 25, 2013 12:49 AM EDT

    First of all I want to clear to everyone who read this story or reading at this moment that, whether you all believe or not this is true experience of mine which I am sharing at this moment.
     I was thinking to write and share my UINVEST INC experience with everyone but can’t get the time. So coming to the point and wasting mine and yours time, let’s start.
     I was try to find a proper full time way to earn from internet and found some PTC sites from which I was earning penny’s and there I found UINVEST INC several times but never thought seriously about that and moved on with considering a routine ad on PTC site, but one day I stopped and read everything carefully because I was fade up from earning penny’s and wasting my time.
     I tried to find any proof of UINVEST INC to be scam on the internet but found everything in favor of UINVEST INC, so decided to invest something in it to check and invested in it by buying a share at 14$. This 14$ was those 14$ which I earned from PTC sites after wasting 1 year time period and this mean so much to me.
     I developed my mind in advance that UINVEST INC will be the same Ponzi scheme like other, so that in case of loss or found UINVEST INC scam it won’t hurt my more.
     When I was getting my monthly dividend normally and cashing it out normally for several months, it developed my trust on UINVEST INC slowly by passage of time. So I thought to invest some more, as I was working at low paid job so I saved some money which I thought to invest in UINVEST INC and to take a risk.
     As to speed up the pace in life everyone take some risk, so that was my 1st risk which I took in order to increase my earning because my country is ranked in top 10 list of most corrupt countries and talented and highly qualified people are still wasting their time & life on road for searching for jobs and are compelled to working at very low paid job.
     I than invested 300$ in UINVEST INC so which helped me out to increase my monthly income. After getting monthly dividend without an issue so I decided to invest some money from monthly dividends in to some HYIP’s, so I invested 200$ in some sites which ends to scam but that was the 1st time when UINVEST INC was there to mitigate that loss.
     Then I told to one of my friend about UINVEST INC so he decided to invest in UINVEST INC but he was no so good with internet, therefore I on his behalf decided to invest in UINVEST INC for which I contact a person via mobile to give me an e-currency $ and I pay him in local currency in exchange but he scammed me in exchange. I pay back all that money to my friend in installments which a very hard time for me.
     After some time when I was became the part of the downsizing in the organization where I was working, they paid me some money on my final settlement.
     I was very tense at that moment for what I will do if I will not get the job so I decided to invest that money in UINVEST INC because If i used that money for my expenses till when I not get the job than it could have ended long time ago and it will create more problem for me.
     So I invested that money in UINVEST INC. I was very happy to earn double of my salary from UINVEST INC.
     Even though I got a job but UINVEST INC playing a vital role in my life and give me the chance to take some more risk in my life.

     I love ALLAH (GOD) for the gift Uinvest Inc.

     This was my Journey of UINVEST INC. I hope you all like it. I wish for the Long life of UINVEST INC.

    Written by Moeen Meraj

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    April 25, 2013 12:34 AM EDT

    On Earning: Never depend on single income. Make investment to create a second source.
     On Taking Risk: Never test the depth of river with both the feet.
     On Investment: Do not put all your eggs in one basket.
     (Quotes from Warren Buffet, a successful American investor)

     Passive income is a real deal through the act of investing, but many fear the idea as there have been many cases of scam/ fraud. As a result, people become more skeptical towards investment with high return.

     Personally, I would categorized investment into 3 categories. First is 100% safe investment backed up by governments with low return such ASB with an average of not more than 9% dividend per year (8.9% for 2012). Second is low risk investment with an average return of 10% to 15% dividend per month. Third is high risk investment with an average return of 5% to 40% dividend per day which is commonly known as high yield investment program (HYIP).

     I did not choose the first category because the dividend is just too low. In a way, the money only grows to protect you from paper money inflation. For example, if the price of sugar at the moment is RM2.40. Next year it could go up to RM2.70. Cost of living is higher and a small bonus you get from the dividend will only help you get through inflation and just barely let you taste your own profit for yourselves.

     The third category of investment is one that people should stay away from because trust me, you will definitely lose your money. Many HYIP websites are created every day to scam money from people. Extremely high return like this also means high risk. With vague business models, simple website design with no SSL security and insurance, these hyips are meant to steal your money.

     Now the second category of investment is what I have been putting my money into. A company that have been operating from 2007 offline and 2010 online, with sophisticated website design, tight security as tight as maybank2u with web encryption, SSL security, website insured for USD 250,000, paying dividends on clock, promotes the company openly in an EXPO held in China together with other prestigious companies and banks like Standard Chartered and a lot more of other features that I am lazy to list here. Most importantly, I have been investing here for nearly 6 months and my confidence grows every time the company itself develops and improves to become a credible and trusted crowdfunding company. Hence, to earn money via investment safely with minimal risk and at the same time being able to enjoy the profits that not only protects us from inflation, but also make our dream to live a luxurious life a possible achievement, UINVEST is the answer..

    Written by dutz87

    As a beginner in online business, first, I was not interested in uinvest. Moreover, previously I often let down with a variety of online businesses that turned out to be just a money game.

     One day I was introduced by my friend about uinvest doing crowdfunding mechanism. I learned how to invest here, it turns out everything is very easy. a lot of help available in uinvest. Help guides, videos, forums and even available to chat directly interact with the admin who with friendly and professional staff answered all my questions.

     With the fact that there was, I was more determined and confident to invest in uinvest. and my decision was not wrong, I get a monthly devident and I also get a profit from buying and selling stocks. Thank you very much uinvest. Uinvest is too good to be true, but believe me this is true.

    Written by redsky

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    April 25, 2013 12:58 AM EDT



     I am Abdullah Muhammad. I am borned in Gua Musang Kelantan, Malaysia. My family is not a rich family. My father work as rubber tapper (penoreh getah). I am always find the good opportunity or offshore investment through internet since year 2004 . I had join many hyip, gold investment , forex investment and 2% daily profit high yield investment but all of them are totally scam and I had loss so much money.
     One day in March 2011, I always browse the internet to find a good business opportunity or investment opportunity and I saw a Uinvest banner in internet and tried to register the account at Uinvest. After I studied and reviewed Uinvest system, I had decided and take risk to purchase share of shopping mall with price 125 usd and I got monthly earnings 27 usd from that day until now (unlimited investment period).
     On July 2011, I received the Investment certificate by post from Uinvest Ukrain to my address in Malaysia. I am very shocked when I received the certificate with official letter from Mr Danilenko (Director of Uinvest Ukrain) and I believed in mind that Uinvest is a great company in the future. The words in the letter from Uinvest make me very happy, very interesting and very confidence with Uinvest are below :-

     “ Dear Investor, Let me express appreciation to you for becoming one of our investors. Our company works diligently and puts heart and soul into every project. We understand that you entrust us, and this make our activities more pleasant, and our employees more responsible. There is no doubt, you have taken a correct decision, and we will do our best to justify your trust, Yours faithfully- Director of Uinvest ”.
     After that I promote Uinvest to my family members and friends by online and offline . Many of them also join uinvest under my referral link and I got the referral commission from Uinvest. I have referral in Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, Canada, Indonesia, India, Iran , Johor, USA and other country.
     From my experience in Uinvest, I found Uinvest is a real investment in real business project . The share we purchase is the share of real business and real project. Uinvest keep improving the system and the web. The key point which make me very confidence with Uinvest are as below :-

     1- Uinvest fully registered in Ukrain since 2007
     2- Having registered office in Kiev Ukrain and California USA.
     3- Very secure web https and having IP checking security system and Internal Pin code for highest security of investor account. Uinvest having the level of banking online security system
     4- Uinvest have SMS security for account protection
     5- Uinvest always send fresh weekly newsletter to Uinvestor about latest improvement , new project and economic news.
     6- Uinvest introduced debit card for easy withdrawal for uinvestor through global ATM machine around the world.
     7- Having the real admin and management staff.
     8- Having admin chat or online support 24 hours online showed that Uinvest is a very serious business. There is no investment platform or webs which have online admin chat 24 hours like Uinvest.
     9- Uinvest share followed the Warren Bufett principle and rule which every share of uinvest project is principal protected mean here Uinvest guaranteed the initial value of your share in uinvest share or project.
     10- Uinvest share followed the Warren Bufett guideline which “you must know the business that you want involve”. This guideline was handle by Uinvest because they have the team of analyst to review every project before being listed in Uinvest share market exchange system for investors to purchase.
     11- Uinvest had joined Beverly Hill Chamber of Commerce in California USA
     12- I believe that Uinvest is the first share market exchange in the world with monthly earnings from share of real business. There is no other company like Uinvest at this moment in the world.
     13- Uinvest having so many payment option for funding and withdrawal from account include local bank transfer through Financial Partner. Uinvest is the first program which have so many payment system for deposit / withdrawal.
     14- Uinvest processed the withdrawal very fast.
     15- The conference of Uinvest 29 April 2013 in California USA proof that Uinvest is a serious company
     16- Uinvest have a very good support ticket system with very fast reply.
     17- Uinvest management team have a very good response to the change payment system requirement and had provide so many payment option for deposit and withdrawal and make it easy and fast for global uinvestors.
     18- Uinvest was found by Ukrainian and many share of project was in Ukrain and Russia. I am confidence and believed that Ukrainian and Russian people were very genius and clever people. We can saw in history that Yuri Gagarin from Russia was the first man on the Earth that going to space to travel in space around the Earth. So their genius was continued by creating Uinvest for global people to invest and this is the first share global market exchange with monthly earnings.
     19- Uinvest is the great crowdfunding program for all
     20- Uinvest Announces Partnership with WestPark Capital Inc on 27 March 2013, the USA full service investment banking and securities brokerage firm ( .There is no global investment program which I involved having partnership with Investment Banking from USA. This is a great effort for Uinvest to become a very trusted name and famous in the world.

     One of the interesting chating with Uinvest Admin is when I ask “ How long Uinvest will stay for business online ? The Uinvest Admin said “ Uinvest will stay in business forever until Armageddon ” .

     I am very confidence that Uinvest will stay forever and will become a global phenomena in the near future. After conference in USA, I am fully believe UINVEST will be more success and many more shareholder will join uinvest to buy more new share of real business.

     Uinvest will exploded globally in year 2013 .

     Thank you very much .

    Written by MOHD ABDULLAH

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    April 25, 2013 1:00 AM EDT

    Hello Uinvestors and other Readers,

     I would like firstly to introduce myself.
     My name is Lukas Radziak, I am in very difficult financial situation because of huge unemployment in my country - I am also unemployed unfortunately since 2 years. I have a wife who is working for whole family - we have two children (a son and a daughter - love them soo much). I feel really bad that I cannot do anything to help her.

     I was looking for some job in the Internet but as a result I found nothing concrete. Until today! I have just found the topic about UINVEST – it seems to be a great possibility for us! Only good opinions about the project which holds me in trust about the reality of the UINVEST!
     The only problem is that we have no money saved so we cannot afford to invest anything which is very sad…
     As a godsend, UINVEST is just organizing the competition for a real, true story, which is again an opportunity for us to get one share of absolutely amazing GUN PROJECT. It seems to be an “Amercian Dream” but if we would win, our life will change drastically!

     I do not want to make you vote for this entry. It would be unfair.
     If you feel that you should vote, then vote. Thank you for reading.

     Good luck in investing in UINVEST & all the best!

    Written by Radziak


     In this global world, online investment with the power of internet becoming more significant.
     I joined Uinvest in early 2011 and started investing with small amount with curiosity & carefully.
     I studied & follow up with Uinvest progress via website to know more about the company updates & growth.
     After 7 months invested, I already making a profit with Uinvest & the company becoming more known.
     The members joined Uinvest increased tremendously & we can see at chatting area.
     Uinvest showed in conducting their business very innovative, efficient, transparent, honesty.
     All uinvestors account security also the main priority that take care by Uinvest.
     I become more confident & do not want to left behind with others uinvestors.
     At the end of 2012/early 2013 , I made another investment from my pocket money & received regular monthly dividends.
     I really recommend to every body to start online investing with Uinvest.
     Uinvest very well organised crowdfunding platform that can be trusted & benefitted to all uinvestors.
     I believed, Uinvest will growth bigger, strong & stable in future.

     Written by eusoff.


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    April 25, 2013 5:41 AM EDT

    Is the electronic certificate valid? Or in case of business bankruptcy I just can keep it as a memento that would remind on my stupidity? There are shares that you are able to purchase online and electronic certificate for those shares would be issued. Is that certificate valid? Does it have some legal effect? If something goes wrong will I be able to get my money back? Will I be able to prove that I am right in court with that certificate? And recently text body of the electronic certificates has been changed. Why have you changed it? Should I start to worry? I bought few shares recently and received a certificate. And now I am not sure what to do with it. What if I won’t be able to get my money back?


    Written by bestwriter



    Why should I trust my money to the company which is situated in Ukraine – one of the most financially unstable countries in the world? I have heard about Uinvest 6 months ago. It looks very easy to invest money and earn profit at first. However after reading the description of the company and finding out that it is based in Ukraine I am not eager to make investments. I don’t know that much about Ukraine but I have read about unstable political and economic situation of the country. How can I trust the company in case when I don’t know if I can trust the country? Maybe it’s just my opinion about Post-Soviet countries. I have read success stories on the web site and I really want to believe that all of them are true and I can easily proceed with making an investment. The web site and everything looks very professional but the fact about company’s origin makes me nervous. I guess I will wait with buying even one share.


    Written by Tony



    Is UInvest a SCAM? There are some rumors that that there is no such company as Uinvest in the real world. I am very afraid that it is some kind of fraud. It is very hard to understand that the company operates on legal bases, has real office and employees when it is focused on investment online. How can I find out that it is not one person who created the web site and makes money by cheating? I read success stories but there is a chance that it could have been written by one person. All I need is a confirmation that it’s real operating business and there are no risk losing money by a fraud. I don’t want to accuse anybody I just want my money to be safe.


    Written by haggiio

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    April 25, 2013 5:41 AM EDT


    Why your service fee is so HIGH? Your company service fee is 10% of our income and you insist that it is competitive and fair. I don’t agree. I think your fee is unreasonably high. I don’t understand what you charge money for. The company operates mostly online so it has to have less operating costs. Other companies have service fee of about 7%. I am not willing to pay 10% from my earnings. Please explain why your services are more expansive. I would appreciate some details.



    How high monthly earnings are generated? Hi! I am trying to understand how your company is able to provide so high monthly earnings? I read that investors are provided with monthly summary of earnings and other relevant information. 

    I am not an investor how can I find out about profitability of projects and why high profit is generated? It seems very unrealistic. Could your team of business professionals explain to me how high earnings are achieved?


    Written by Tintin



    Who teaches courses at GUN Academy? How Gun Academy can provide the knowledge, if there is no professional among teachers? Hello! I am willing to find out more about GUN Academy since it is not very clear to me if the courses are worth trying. I wanted to start learning with Simplified Investment Course and looked for some information about teachers. I noticed that there is no such information on the web-site. Is the course taught by professionals? Do they have some professional education and practical background? Do they have teaching experience to make the process of learning easy and interesting? It is very important for me to find out more about the teacher in order to make a decision on taking the course. I want to learn from an experienced professional who is successful not only as a teacher but also as an investor.


    Written by Dragon

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    April 25, 2013 5:42 AM EDT

    Is Uinvest a financial pyramid? Is UInvest another MMM? Is it another company of Mavrodi? I tried to figure out how Uinvest operates. It is not very clear how monthly earning are generated. When we buy shares on the stock market we earn money on the deals (buying\selling) but not monthly earnings. It looks like MMM which attracted money from private investors, promising annual returns of up to one thousand percent. The shares were not quoted on any stock exchange and the company itself determined the share price. Uinvest claims that they check every company themselves and take the risks. How do they determine share price? How do they pay earnings? What if they use investors just like MMM? What if Uinvest will fail just like other pyramids?


    Written by Sherly




    Why is UInvest blocked in Ukraine? Recently I went on a business trip to Ukraine. I live in Germany but often visit Ukraine. I wanted to check my account few times but wasn’t able to open UInvest web-site there. I tried to open the web –site from many locations (hotel room, restaurants, etc).What does this mean? It looks like the web- site is blocked for Ukraine. Why is that? It looks very strange. There are many projects in Ukraine for investment. The company is located in Ukraine. So are Ukrainians able to invest in projects on UInvest? I am sure there are many people willing to earn money in such a way instead of putting it on a deposit into the bank. I plan to visit Ukraine many times and want to have an excess to my account. What should I do?


    Written by Heinz