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How to Use Customer Feedback

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    February 20, 2012 7:09 PM EST
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      Gather all customer feedback forms in one area. Go through every feedback form and look for answer trends. For example, some responses may point to a particular person or service as being an issue. Look through customer feedback forms to figure the nature of these customer service comments.

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      Contact the customers that complained about a person, or service, and get details. Compare results with other customer comments. Inform these customers that you plan to get to the bottom of their complaints and get back with them. Try to resolve the issue on your end. Get that person's supervisor to resolve the issue if the person or service is under that supervisor's control.

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      Get back with the supervisor and find out what's been done to improve service or rectify the employee's past action. Find out what you can say to the customers, then get back with them. Let them know that the issue has been addressed. If it's a business service that's the issue, then let them know what's being done to improve that service.

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      Have your company send the customers a gift card for giving you their feedback.

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      Look through customer feedback and find out what they liked. Look for trends in what they'd like to see. Brief management on what you've found, and work on getting customer suggestions implemented.

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      Continue to receive customer feedback even after implementing the previous customer service feedbacks. This anticipates changes in customer service.



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