As we struggle through these uncertain economic times with no real end in sight, it’s logical that the survival of our small business may start filling our thoughts. Maybe not consuming every waking hour, but for some of us that may be close. I know, for me personally as an IT consultant whose livelihood is based on continued interest from new and existing clients, my family sometimes gets the short end of the stick as I work to figure out new ways to grow my practice in this shrinking economy.

Nothing short of winning the lottery is going to take away all of our fears. Nothing. And it’s a given that customers can be fickle — they’re looking to save money just as much as we’re looking to make money. The two are almost mutually exclusive, so we’re always looking for that edge — that balance that will make us as profitable as possible, keep our current customers happy, and win lots of new customers. But there’s no guarantee — no magic potion or formula. It’s often trial and error… hit and miss. Some sink while trying to figure it out, some flounder for a long time, and some… thankfully… thrive and grow.

If you’re losing customers, or just afraid you’re going to lose customers as the economy gets tighter and tighter and the remaining competition gets cut-throat, there are a few things you can do to tighten that bond with the customer and figure out exactly what they’re looking for so that you may be able to meet their needs even better than you have been so far.

  1. Stay In Touch
    Stay in contact with customers on a regular basis. Offer them a free e-zine subscription. Ask customers if they want to be updated by e-mail when you make changes to your Web site. After every sale follow-up with the customer to see if they are satisfied with their


    2. Friendly Web Site
    Make it easy for your customers to navigate on your Web site. Have a “FAQ” page on your Web site to explain anything that might confuse your customers. Ask them to fill out an electronic survey to find out how make your Web site more customer friendly....Read more