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  • Thank you everybody! Any other recommendations?
  • Hello everyone my name is John More and I'm the Co-founder and CCO of Lim9 a Creative Startup divided between Portugal and Brasil.
    I just wrote an article on Corporations, Startups and Dinosaurs called "No Solution for the Global Financial Crisis? Presenting The Dinosaur!" and I would love your feedback and opinion on it.
    It's about my vision and thoughts on what's going on right now and what is the way forward for startups and our economic future.
    Plus it has a really good design and a lot of photos so hopefully it won't be much of a pain......  more
  • Hey everyone!
    We launched our website a coupl...  more
  • The 'design project' looks well but it is definitely too stuffed...  more
  • People pay more attention to visually attractive websites so des...  more