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Effective sales meetings

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    December 5, 2011 7:15 PM EST

    1.  use scheduled sales meetings to demonstrate your business model to your sales people. When you schedule a sales meeting to begin at 5:30 pm after work, show your sales staff the same courtesy you want them to show your clients, and start the meeting on time at 5:30 pm, not at 5:35 pm or later. Show your staff that their time is important to you, and they will learn to do the same for your clients. And when your top performers fail to show up on time, be sure to share your displeasure with them. This will show your up-and-rising performers that - again - they are each as important to you as the next one; a trait that will be vital when sending your sales staff out on calls.

    2.  if something can be summed up and disseminated via a memo, do NOT call a sales meeting for the purpose of discussing it. NOTHING makes a sales person feel so devalued as to have to spend extra time at work essentially reading a memo.

    3.  use the time in sales meetings for showing new products, teaching new techniques or for examining existing team strategies.

    Next, and lastly, have a set agenda, with a starting time and an ending time. Stick to the agenda in regards to the starting time, the items for discussion on the agenda and the ending time.


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