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How to pick a money market fund

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    December 25, 2012 3:47 AM EST

    I don't like to invest money in stocks, bonds or mutual funds. Are they good enough to secure your investment ? I like gambling, making some money fast. So my choice is online casino games ... Laughing

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    April 23, 2012 7:42 PM EDT

    Money market funds are great because they act like checking and savings accounts but usually pay higher interest rates than you can earn on your bank accounts.These investments are short-term, very liquid investments with high credit quality.


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    April 20, 2012 1:23 AM EDT

    You can invest your funds in trade options, it is really nice way to gain huge profits with lots of benefits for the investors in form of multiple options to put the money in high earning stocks.

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    March 1, 2012 12:38 AM EST

    I am very confused to select fund, my broker suggested to invest money in growth fund and some people says in equity fund I can get good returns. I want proper suggestion on this.

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    March 1, 2012 12:55 AM EST

    Just think about it some people think...why don't you think as they do? Wanna lose your money go straight ahead IF not THEN start your brain working.

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    June 4, 2012 1:23 AM EDT


    To take a decision of investment in anything is really a tough decision and requires a lot of work to understand the pros and cons of that investment. This information is really helpful for investors.  


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    April 23, 2012 8:53 PM EDT

    Forex is the most popular market and is attracting lots of people everyday. Investing in the market is the most exciting market available, some are making their living on forex trading. Forex Options

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    February 7, 2012 9:18 PM EST

    The first step that I take when looking for a fund are the fees associated with that fund. There is nothing that I hate more than finding a fund with a great track record of growth that turns out to have fees that just make it sub par at best. This is why I separate my funds according to fees first. This way I will make sure that I am only looking at the funds with the lowest fee structure. Once I have done that, I can start to narrow down my choices even more.

    The next step is to look at performance over time. I generally go back over the last 2 years to start with, then follow it up to current. As markets are bumpy at times, don't always expect a perfect upward trend. If you could expect this then everyone would be investing. The most important information is to consider the last 3-6 months, however, if they have a poor track record up until then, they could easily go back to a similar trend. For this reason I normally consider their uptrend an anomaly and avoid that fund altogether. Whatever funds seem to have the most consistency are the ones that I choose. I set those aside from the rest.

    Now, I take a closer look at those that run the fund. This is extremely important for the future success of the fund. I look at everyone involved in the process and try to find background information. This helps me to narrow down the funds somewhat more. From this point, I generally have 3-5 funds that I am interested in.

    Now you have to determine what type of investment style you want. I personally like undervalued small companies, because I feel they have the best chance for growth, however they also offer the greatest risk as a smaller factory has a greater chance of going out of business. This is why it is important to have a high quality management team for the fund you choose. Out of those 3-5 funds, if one to two of them are undervalued investment funds, then I will invest in both of them. If none of them are, then I select large companies with fast growing stocks. I feel there's little risk here, but still a good chance for growth, even if it isn't as good as it would be for the small businesses.


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    February 16, 2012 4:39 AM EST

    Investments in the foreign exchange markets offer an alternative investment vehicle to traditional investments such as stocks, bonds , mutual funds. Investments in Forex may offer diversification advantages to your current investment portfolio.

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    July 26, 2012 12:38 AM EDT

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    December 17, 2012 1:16 AM EST


    I am very confused to select fund, my broker suggested to invest money in growth fund and some people says in equity fund I can get good returns. I want proper suggestion on this.


     I am agree with MariaFrolova's advice but before selecting any fund ,you must know the basic terms of equity/growth funds.

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