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How to use free B2B platform effectively

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    September 19, 2011 8:33 PM EDT

    How to use free B2B platform effectively

    1.B2B Details


    B2b platform in the first three are generally paid a website, but basically the first 5-10 pages of information released free of charge, customers who think what what what what's supply of advertising is not the first like. If you like this ultra-low supply, high cost, a variety of styles, special offers customers tend to be more interested in personal opinions only. So there is information or a free market, adhere to the hair for six months or three months, the inquiry will certainly be more.


    2. Registration information completed as far as possible


    Picture, company, website, dynamic, accreditation, certificates, business licenses, etc., do not bother, is a good one, ten others made you this may not be a useful, pursuit of a certain amount of time to pay attention to quality.


    3. Have a clear and concise information on topics, makes clear


    Such as in the selection of keywords to attract the viewer's eye, then the chances of success are greatly increased. In many cases, supply information when we release are simply playing the "supply of certain products" and other titles, this is not wrong, but one out but was looking for, there will be a lot like you supply the title information, and so if conditions you will not lose it. Increase in the supply of information as the words in front of it. Note topic (Subject) of the fill: the first letter uppercase, lowercase other, the title can not have price and quantity l, mainly to fill in the product name, should not exceed 10 words. Inside of a, the other function words can be removed (there are examples of details behind) to select a different category of information released so buyers can find you more channels of information, which is a lot of people did not expect it, I the beginning is the same subject, made dozens of times, thinking that it would do, in fact, the effect is made up only included one, do not repeat the same piece of information released. Will be the subject of specific innovations introduced


    4. Keywords


    Which is more common names and related words, the purpose is to improve the buyers search for suppliers of data accuracy. Keyword selection is the most important information dissemination. To sell women fashion dress, Ladies' Skirt, Skirt, dress. Recommend that you set the keywords to try to use concise, industry-wide, in line with buyers and market practices. Please fill in with the name of your service or product-related word or phrase. The first selected keywords of their products, in Google, Baidu search. Or pay a lot of peer companies have to take a good keyword, for example, I do plastic pallets, plastic pallets sure I wrote a rank in the back, and so need to select the other words a special plastic trays for example, ultra low-cost, super cheap, high cost, abundant supply manufacturers, and so on. Then make good use of keywords, these keywords can be directly released as a product name. Many people in the photographs is often no keywords, the keywords added to the picture if the description, this would greatly increase the views Oh, so that customers will find you. Second day, nothing to search for your information published, if found on the list, you can re-issued, or to set other keywords. Finally, the timely addition, do not know if you have not had this habit, I would like to study competitors right to information published on Baidu, Google search, except that the top three money bought a few, the rest are released free of charge is doing well, and you copy down carefully. 5W or that element of, what, why, when, where, who. But do pay attention to details are the details. This study again sent the effect is absolutely unusual.


    5. Details


    Offers detailed product information and specific content. Recommended to introduce the products, and demonstrate your company has the other competitive. For example: month / year supply capacity, the certificate case, well-known cooperative enterprises. We recommend that you purchasers to reflect concerns the exchange to accelerate the process of negotiations with buyers, such as: minimum order quantity, price conditions, payment method, the packing and delivery time. To ensure that a buyer can read the information, we recommend the Detail content not too long, a screen display. To be complete, detailed, clean, beautiful. Feeling to see the regular customers, professional, real and credible. That is we want. Please include product images (Attach Product Photo): illustrations can enhance the attractiveness of the buyer.


    6. Publish information timing


    Posted attention day 7 ---- 8 pm half the amount of information re-issued, forward the information to ensure working time, work done with e-mail message the way the Internet browser has a lot of people's habits. 10-11 point release, a meal break at noon, when the peak period is browsing Oh, 17 ----- 18 points of these two time periods can be re-issued information, so you can ensure that the information front at night. If you have a good grasp of time, to ensure your information search rankings in the fourth or fifth position (the first three are bidding companies) Hey, let's Renren money now!


    7.  Control the frequency of information release


    The information is only released once the majority of viewers can not see. If you want visitors to be able to see at first glance you may wish to release information to increase the number of times. However, excessive duplication of information will bring to the viewer disgust, and thus lose contact with your business opportunity. Thus, according to expert guidance, issued two times a day, can achieve more effective. Of course, in different e-commerce platform can vary. Although you have hundreds of business products and information, and do not anxiously hope for a release to the site, in general, viewers see a continuous ten or more with business information, will be in conflict with the psychological aversion emotions, I believe you do see other companies will feel the same; resulting in information loss, while being cast aside long-term customers. Good method is to Gesanchawu, steady as another release, moistening in the silent office, pulled the customer's heart.


    8. Keyword selection tips


    Choose effective keywords

    keywords to describe your products and services, terms, select the appropriate keyword is to create a high ranking site first. Choose keywords is an important skill is to select those often used when people search keywords. Understand the key: when you gather the required key before the average person to understand how the keyword is very important. When people search is generally not a single word, but use the phrase or phrases. This site optimized for play a more important role.


    9. Theme release techniques


    Basic approach in the major sites, b2b platform, search for your product, look at other people's themes and methods of selection, the first three pages to organize, the way to organize content for others to learn, Oh, that competition is the best teacher for friends Oh, can be described as a mentor, so many of your competitors and exchange it, is called healthy competition but also cooperation chances are it. I order something like this, we should not laugh, ah, advertising hyperbole, the key is to attract customer attention, increase traffic, if I is not, what do that latest viral Pornographic ah, the history of the most Niua most ridiculous ah. To the effect of these is that, as long as people can remember you


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    February 15, 2012 8:11 PM EST


    B2B is a very impressive way to explore your business ideas into the network but you need to take care about planning and implementation of your ideas because they mean a lot to any ideal business.. When I enter into business than reading a lot about our business in blogs, forums quite help me into get in touch with latest ideas.


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