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Top Business Ideas for Teens

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    July 6, 2011 8:33 PM EDT

    Even if you are still in high school, summer holidays and weekends are a great time to spend making some extra money. There are many ways for a teen to start a profitable business without a major investment and without taking the focus off education and other aspects of everyday life. Here are some business ideas for the entrepreneur teenager:


    Low cost businesses that require very little startup capital. Fortunately, many service-based businesses or Internet ventures require little investment. For example, a lawn care business could be started using a parent's existing tools, while an Internet business could be started up for less than $50, after adding up line items like the $10 domain registration fee and the $5 monthly hosting charge.

    Businesses that leverage teens' strengths. There are many businesses that teens are more suited to pursue than adults. For example, today's teens have grown up with computers, tech gadgets, and the Internet. This is valuable knowledge that can be used to create innovative products and services. Teens are also skilled at creating products and services that target other young people, since they have unique insight into the evolving opportunities and needs in that space.

    An ability to compete on price. Teens are at a unique point in their lives when, since they live at home with their parents, they have very little costs to account for. This allows them to charge very low prices and still make enough money to take home some profit.

    Mariotti stresses that young entrepreneurs should take the time to do their research -- thinking, reading, and writing a business plan before taking the leap in starting a business. As far as some specific business ideas that might appeal to more


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