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How to increase your influence online

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    January 23, 2012 9:30 PM EST

    There are following way to increase your influence online-

    1.Make sure your business Web page is the best it can b

    2.Develop relationships

    3.Use videos.

    4.Look at social media in a new light

    5.Have a plan



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    May 25, 2011 4:27 PM EDT

    As an entrepreneur, one of the main aspects of running your business is to market it. Part of marketing directly relates to your brand; which, in turn, determines your overall influence. Building an influence online is the easiest way to help improve your branding and networking amongst those within your market place.

    Unfortunately, entrepreneurs often approach building an influence online completely wrong. Hours upon hours are invested to network with others only for the contacts to fall through. Likewise, time spent on building influence often is quickly destroyed when the entrepreneur pushes too aggressively with their marketing message.

    1. Make sure your business Web page is the best it can be. Why spend time trying to get people to your website if it is not designed to be easy to use and doesn’t have the information people need? Be sure that your website navigation is working and easy to understand and that you have stellar content.

    2. Develop relationships. One of the best ways to increase your influence is to get to know people. Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and comment in forums and on blogs. Don’t just talk about your website or your products, actually take the time to get to know people and talk about what is important to them. As you develop relationships, your sphere of influence will increase because your contact base will expand and people will know that you are a person that can be trusted.

    Developing relationships with people in your market and beyond is easy with the social media websites that are available today. Be active on Facebook and Twitter. When you comment in forums or on blogs don’t just say “good post” or “nice article”, give an opinion – you don’t always have to agree with the person as long as you are respectful. This shows honesty and that you’re not just spamming them and using their blog or forum as a vehicle for your backlinks.

    3. Give. Give away your knowledge. You can do this in the form of an e-book, free online seminar, podcasts, newsletters, and articles. Don’t be afraid to give away what you know. This sets you up to be an expert in the field and gets your name out there where people can find more


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