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Quick Informative tests for entrepreneurs

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    May 10, 2011 10:03 PM EDT

    Like a light bulb flashing in your mind, you have just come up with the next great idea that is going to change the world and make you a millionaire. Would-be entrepreneurs come up with ideas all the time, but only a few are actually realistic and practical enough to make it in the real world. A variety of methods can allow you to quickly test your idea to see if it might just be the real thing.

    1. Check for limited competition. You want to ensure that the market isn’t already saturated with accounting practices. Take a look in your local phone book to see how many accountants are listed. Also consider whether they offer any specialized services, like small-business accounting or financial consulting, that you hope to offer. The more unique and valuable your services, the more feasible your business.

    2. Consider the likelihood of returning customers. Accounting services are great because all businesses are required by law to perform various accounting tasks, and the need for this service is long-lasting. Businesses need payroll services performed on a monthly and even semimonthly basis. Most accounting tasks as like this, which means most of your clients will be regular more


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