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How to build a website that engages your clients

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    September 20, 2011 1:38 PM EDT

    hey BYTRADE, thank you for your ever generous giving of information. 

    To strengten your message I liek to introduce the audience to PIWIK. PIWIK is a very nice analytics open source software that allows you to do analytics of your site LIVE, you don;t ahve to wait for the data to show up, and you can pinpoint many helpful stats right out of the box, and/or develop more specific ones with ease.



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    September 18, 2011 8:21 PM EDT

    Here are five things you should consider as you develop, launch and continue to build a website that attracts, engages and eventually converts site visitors into raving paying clients.

    1) Very Visible and Clear Invitation to Take Action

    Your call to action, the one action you want prospective clients to take, should be very visible on your home page. It needs to appear ‘above the fold’ meaning that it can be seen without having to scroll down. Why not include it on every page of your website.

    The one action that you want people to take needs to be very specific.

    You need just one action with simple instructions. Don’t be confusing.

    For example, do you want them to: sign up for your ezine, call you, or send you an e-mail? Choose one and make is easy to do.

    2) Give Away Something Valuable

    Hopefully you offer a free valuable giveaway (a report, audio, or a consultation). It’s easiest if this process is automated so that you save your precious time. There are several options for this; two popular services are and (both offer free trials.)

    3) Ability to Stay in Touch

    Most people who visit your website will not come back. Not because they don’t like you or what you do, they’re just busy. So you need to invite them to give you permission to be in touch.

    This can be linked to your free offer. When the process is automated people who are interested simply need to provide their e-mail address in order to receive your free offer.

    If you plan to send additional messages (like a regular ezine) be sure to communicate that clearly so they are aware of that when they sign up.

    4) Let Them See You

    People want to know who the person behind the business is so please include a photo. We humans like to feel a connection and that can be achieved to a certain degree with a photo.

    You can use various photos of yourself (and your team if you have one) on different pages of your website. Make sure the pictures are high quality and fit with your personality and brand.

    5) Know Who is Visiting

    Analysis may not seem glamorous but it can be really exciting when you understand who is visiting your website.

    Google Analytics is free and really amazing way to know who is visiting your website. To sign up just visit It tells you how many people have visited, where people found out about your website, where they are located (with a really cool map), and so much more!

    As you can see, building and launching your website is only a small step in your overall marketing and communications plan. It takes ongoing planning and action to ensure your site visitors not only visit your website but keep coming back and remain in your circle of influence. This way they continue to experience ‘you’ and hear your brand voice, so that when they’re ready the person who they’ll invest in – is you.


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    January 11, 2013 7:29 PM EST

    In this time it is really very easy to create a website, you can use some free platforms like blogger or wordpress which help to create own website. Otherwise you get the service of professional website designer to create a your website.

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    February 15, 2013 10:34 PM EST


    Make your website SEO friendly and then do off page seo work and also do social media marketing technique to promote your website.

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    January 23, 2013 5:11 AM EST

    I would say that you must include all information regarding the business overview. These would help you to gain more visitor to the website. Also try to include shortcut way to directly contact you.


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