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Critics wanted for my website

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    July 3, 2013 1:25 AM EDT

    Need all the help of fair and just critics to give feedback on our current website.  Please check it out LeaseQ.


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    July 3, 2013 4:09 AM EDT

    Do we presume you mean ?


    If so, first impressions -  Nice site.  Good pictures.  Looks a bit like Wordpress with semi-custom template.  Which means it looks a bit like 32 million other Wordpress sites, down to the grey letters and Tacoma fonts, which is passe' now, not distinctive and slightly hard to read.

    Your site will likely have some problems if revised much, and will need updating for server updates, may be hackable and may be difficult to repair, and it will load a bit slowly.  You might examine requirements for Hackerproof seal. See  our article on Dangers of Do-it-yourself-website-generators (WYSIWYG and CMS systems, etc.) at

    Your "About us" is good except that the bio's belong higher up.  Your business focus-description should mostly be on the home page.   You lack information about Customer Service emphasis and accessibility- ie;  PHONE, address,  Forms for inquiries, request, comments, feedback (somewhere on site)

    The home page has some strengths, but fails in some basic Advertising points, which are many and some subtle.  You'd have to read some of our articles at to identify those, such as Top Ways to Increase Sales, 

    and Before you Begin Designing a Website. (page: Design-Tips-Before-You-Begin).

    Those pages talk about prospect target segments, testing appeals-headlines, getting your message across immediately, not distracting the visitor from reading, and paths and content for target segments, etc.

    Our points will show that a site that "looks nice" is no longer sufficient on the internet, and that design is built around prospect segments and appeals WHILE planning for the primary promotion method.  I can tell you have not considered that, so your promotion will be weak, your rankings probably weak, and the Selling ability of the site a little bit weak. 

    If you have 3 years and money to waste, or not use most effectively, ignore these criticisms and most of what is on and-- .   About 98% of website owners today are essentially taking about 3 years to find they have not done all these basics and depend on organic and social promotion which usually does not work. It may get some friends and a little traffic, but it doesn't SELL.  Our top menu item under NEWS cites recent research proving that (SitePro, highly respected for 15 years).

    That's for starters. I could add many more comments, but I'm not sure that's your site.

    Good Luck   Professional All-USA Web Design and Maintenance since 2002.