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Concierge Service Name & Tagline

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    April 7, 2008 11:36 PM EDT
    The name is good. Just be decisive and get done with it.

    Here are a few tag lines...

    Your Time is Up!
    We are Time-Bound.
    Managing your time for success.
    Save time to help fuel your passion!
    Save time. Leverage. Succeed.

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    April 3, 2008 5:54 AM EDT
    Hello all. I want to thank everyone who has helped me with ideas so far. I love most of the names and tagline suggested. My main concern is chosing a name that can sound professional and enable me to market my services to small businesses, corporations, and individuals alike. Names such as "U-Rang?" are very unique, but I would like to think of my business on a larger scale. I think that sounds nice for a small business owner or busy mother. However, I`d like to target HR depts of corporations and market my services into employee benefits packages. I want to sound professional and unique as I`d like to bridge the gap between business and individual clients. I don`t want to automatically give off the impression that I am starting off doing this alone :-) The premise of my business is to provide a convient system to allow people to get things done that time does not allow for. These requests can be as simple as picking up dry cleaning or groceries to setting up a luxury yacht rental to planning a marriage proposal for a busy executive. So, with all that said, I have selected Lifetyme Concierge. (Still deciding on the spelling).  My own busy life as a single mom, full time Analyst, and part time realtor inspired me to want to pursue this business.  I have a ton of thing on my schedule every day, yet I never seem to accomplish everything.  I`m a very organized and persistant person, so if I have a hard time accomplishing daily tasks, I`m sure there are tons of other people that would benefit from my service.  I have compiled a list of taglines that I have come up with or that my helpful friends here have suggested. Please feel free to critique them, select one, or suggest more taglines.
    Lifetyme Concierge:

    Make time. Live Life.

    Service & Integrity

    Your Personal Assistant

    Your time matters

    Time is of the essence

    Enjoy the moment.

    Seize the moment

    Make time for you

    We make time for you

    Time for you

    Time to live

    Your life. Our time.

    Your life. On time.

    Time to live life

    Time to live

    At your service

    At your request

    Time well spent