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Critique of Blogspot website

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    June 15, 2013 10:54 AM EDT

    is there any ebook I can download or purchase from?

    I can't find it online.

    In Singapore, this book is out of stock and it cost $50 to pre-order!

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    June 15, 2013 11:30 AM EDT

    i got a chance to read the introduction at Amazon. I roughly understand what you are driving at for the "Brand" item. :)


    But need to get hold of this great book. Can't find a softcopy of this item. even on itune, it isn't there too... :(

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    June 15, 2013 5:59 AM EDT

    Thanks RJ933.

    I am thinking of wordpress, which is not directly from wordpress. I will be downloading the wordpress software to design a website that is having its own domain. not like


    or do you have any platform to introduce?

    my current fashion online has done nicely by myself, which i had spend 2 months doing it up which i was using a shopping cart platform.


    for the blogshop. the business model was:

    1. help customer to order from Taiwan or US. (Showing them the actual price)

    2. customer would then pay for the shipment fee and the exchange rate.

    3. gathering more orders, this will save cost for everyone.

    therefore you are seeing that, there are a lot of links pointing to other website (these are seller page for customer to order through me)


    from what i had understand from your reply is, reduce the number of link to other website. Only put those higher demand website. Make it neat on the front page (explaining how this will benefit customers). the following page would be indicating which are the shops available.

    Would it be a better solution? But would need to know what would be a good platform to use. As it would be easier to do SEO next time.

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    June 15, 2013 1:33 AM EDT

    Hi Guys,

    I have another website which I have hosted with blogspot for quite a while. it's my wife who did it.

    I am thinking of ways to make it better, but looks like blogspot need to use more hardcoding. or should I use wordpress and get a domain?

    but if i get a domain, then the traffic will be affected right? then I would need to start all over again.

    would like to hear on ways to slowly improve on this site. I think for most of you guys, you will say it's in a mess.

    Online Shopping Spree Organizer Singapore

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    June 22, 2013 8:54 AM EDT

    Thanks RJ933, I had just purchase the book. It should reach me in a month time.

    Hope through the book, it can help the Online Shopping Fashion blogshop a lot.

    Then would need to look at how to enhance the Online Shopping Spree Fashion Sales!

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    August 6, 2013 6:14 AM EDT

    just got the book RJ. great book! Had only read it for a while before my ranking dropped... now i am looking for places to do my backlinks. sigh

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    June 15, 2013 3:27 PM EDT

    Thanks for considering it. The reviews are good.  Well, it was a print book, 1993.   Amazon has only print.   I think they ship international, USPS  mail.  Probably not too expensive.  The book starts at  $3.50 or something.  See the link

    I bet you can get it total for about $25 USD.  It is worth every penny.

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    June 15, 2013 4:32 AM EDT

    You're right. We think it is a bit of a mess.  Too  broad.  Too many countries.  Presumptuous about word "Spree".  Purpose of site unclear to visitors.  People aren't stupid. They wonder what is in it for the site owner.

    All people really want is the best deal, nearby, where they can trust or at least inform local buyers if the seller is not to be trusted.  

    A good site states its competitive advantage at the top.  It's focus.  It names its main customer or target.   This site is all over the map, literally in several ways.  Hard to understand. Does not come to the point.  Looks a little cheesy.

    It also violates basic advertising methods  Show the product. Show it in action. 

    There is no compelling reason to choose this site over millions of others.  Much less to choose products that we do not even see.

    As for moving it to a different domain, yes you lose any ranking or propagation.  As for Wordpress, tiny companies can not do Wordpress well, and if they do well business wise, they are probably in for some problems when they have finished changing it 20 times.  See our article on CMS and Site Generators

    And as for social marketing, it is not a panacea:  Social Media Promotion Not Working.

    So, if you are not doing almost everything right from the beginning, you probably can not get to where you want to go "on a shoe string", unless you have the most unique high-demand products.  Unfortunately you have chosen products widely available from many.   So that is a market for only big businesses, online, like most food business.

    These are hard lessons.  The Internet is not fun anymore, not easy, not like 2002, too much competition.  It only takes 5 competitors to ruin a market, especially if 2 are "stupid competitors" known as cut-throat competitors.  And on the net, there are ALWAYS too many of those.

    Sorry.   The most important rule in business is  "choosing the business", and having a great unique product (in a territory).   The internet just ruins that for many.  We are at the stage in an industry known as "shake out".

    Focus on a unique product, not a gimmick selling it.  That's not easy.  That's why we don't take on some prospects as clients.  They don't have viable business models, and we want them to succeed, so our focus is on the strategy and products.

    good luck.

    - - - - 

    BG Design

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    June 22, 2013 10:47 AM EDT

    Great.  You will find "Business Sense" helpful.   Competition is fierce. You are competing with deep pockets and good management. Great strategy is crucial.  He shows you what  MBA level management is and should be about in a nutshell.  There is no shortcut to refining the business model.

    - - -  

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    June 15, 2013 6:42 AM EDT

    I appreciate that you are thinking hard about all this. Some of your ideas sound better than before.

    Small companies need distribution (big name store, logistics, customer support) for products.  That is how small products-companies get credibility.

    You are trying to be distribution.  So YOU have to use Brands for YOUR credibility. Brands are quite labels for Trust.  Buying is about trust, and deals-bargains (why people love sales, specials), and quality for the money.   If you do not focus on those strategy ideas first, it can not work. 

    Platforms and referral sites, or expert advisor sites can not overcome fundamental problems, only help some. And organic traffic is VERY unreliable. It changes every year when Google changes its algorithm. (I like the last change, our sites are going up.)

    Read our page on CMS platforms, generators and hosted shopping carts, regardless whether hosted or installed. They are slower, and hard to customize, and then get misaligned in browsers, or break.  They are hard to upgrade or move. Likewise a lot of shopping carts, especially hosted carts.  Our page talks about that.

    We somewhat like ZenCart and Paypal's new platform.

    I'm sorry, but focus on the business and strategy before any more thought about platforms and layouts.   That will more fully inform and guide the best direction, and guide the layout of sites.  If there is no competitive advantage, superior unique product AND niche on the net, there will be nothing but years of struggle and few sales, unless local and the only local business offering whatever.

     There is a great book EVERY business owner MUST read:  Business Sense,  by Dan Thomas.  Just read the first half until your company is successful.  He is a genius.  If you do not do those steps, and have a congruent strategy, you can NOT succeed, especially on the internet. 

    Good luck.

    - - - - 

    BG Design  div. Buyers' Group MG