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Email Sales Explained.

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    February 22, 2013 1:47 PM EST

    Theexample is on my website, it's too long to post. It's all free sales advice for startups. Hope it makes you some sales!

    Early stage startup sales email

    Before you even send your first email, you need to define your type of prospecting. Are you playing the numbers game (NOT the sales game) and calling 1000′s of people? Or worse yet, paying someone else to do this for you? Stay lean, research and target your audience. It will make selling easier. I’ve met people who can find the time to research many, many prospects. I’ve met people who make 20-30 sales calls a week. It all depends on your business/product.

    The trick here is you want to be persuasive, to the point, and natural. Your goal for this type of email is to book a meeting, which will be your chance to sell.

    Here’s a break down of my example (which is below):

    The Subject: Do not make it sound sales-y. People do not like to be sold to, soften your approach here. I enjoy using “Introduction Letter” because it’s straight to the point. Just don’t force urgency into it, your email will be deleted.

    First paragraph: In a straight forward fashion, you introduce who you are and what you do. In this example, I used U of W and name dropped the professor. You need to start building trust, try to build some credibility. Notice that I use the word “idea”, not product or solution. An idea is more curious sounding, you want your customer to need more knowledge.

    Second paragraph: You should come up with a value statement here, which briefly tells them what you do and how they win. Personally, I customize the value statement for each customer. Some people’s value statements are an entire paragraph long, some end up being a single sentence.

    Finish with a question that is as close to the example I use as possible. You want something in life? Ask for it.