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What is your biggest frustration or challenge?

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    January 23, 2012 4:15 AM EST

    We also use those questions and feedback for future articles, because we want to write about things that people like you need and care about. That’s why we want to ask you for a favor.

    Please take a minute to leave a comment behind and let us know some of the challenges or frustations you might have when it comes to managing your time.

    Not only will you get a personal answer from one of us, but we will also use the common problems as topics for future articles. That way you and anyone who shares similar challenges or frustrations will benefit too. Win-win!

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    June 17, 2010 12:32 PM EDT

    For those of you who own a business and are NOT internet marketers...what is your biggest frustration or challenge about trying to do business online or dealing with having a website? I'm especially interested to hear what people who have a "brick-and-mortar" business struggle with the most.

    I run a small business advice blog and am looking for new topics to cover, so your honest feedback would be very helpful.

    Thank you!

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    July 12, 2010 2:46 PM EDT

    Getting local traffic to the site. If you have a website that is keyword loaded using words your customers are actually looking for you with then you can generate some good local traffic.

    You also need to drive traffic to your site off line as well and the frustration of that is that it is expensive and time consuming.

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