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New business idea about outsourcing , give your views

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    October 9, 2012 1:00 PM EDT

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    Ms Amalia Nicolaus

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    September 14, 2006 10:21 AM EDT

    Id be curious as to how much of their revenue home based business would be willing to commit to outsourcing activities on a percentage basis. Also how vested in IT activities home based business are i.e. they`re certianly not investing in entreprise systems.

    You might consider running a poll here on the SuN forums to start your market research.



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    December 16, 2012 8:51 PM EST

    There are actually a wide array of outsourcing solutions that companies, or startups, can actually acquire. You can actually choose whether you'll outsource a huge portion of your business operations or not. It's great to find those outsourcing companies that are willing to let you choose or make an outsourcing package because it becomes more "personalized." 

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    December 9, 2012 5:31 AM EST

    Outsourcing has been around for years.  I would think that most small time home based businesses are going to be very hesitant about giving up a large portion of their business.  Most home based entrepreneurs like being in control.  However, I think if you can find the right businesses/audience than you could be a success.


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    September 13, 2006 10:37 PM EDT

    Hi to all ,

                  I have one business idea in my mind for past 3 months.iDea is simple "outsourcing for home based business" . We have seen outsourcing a big booming industry , but no one cared for small home based enterpneurs.

         Each and every netpneur have employees and in USA it cost close to 1500 to 2000$ per person , but luckily i am living in that part of world , where i am surrounded by too many software or IT professionals . All they want is decent pay check , so mine idea is form a company , start advertising . I know whenever it comes to have india or china in mind , people think "cheap" not "quality". But this is where my company gonna score , i`ll give more stress on providing quality qork rather than shouting on web , "cheap" "cheap". So , what you all guys think of this idea? Secondly , where should i adverstise my company , which keywords to target?I know many of this reading must themselves established company owners. So , suppose , if i come to you , with same business proposal , will you give mine company a try or what specific things you will look into?


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    September 14, 2006 7:45 AM EDT
    Well , small home based business has different business model as well different needs.Also , how about if entire staff work from entirely different location , Just like people use websites like  , why ? coz they find cheap as well quality source there . Thats what i want to eliminate , coz with freelancer there is always some risk involved , how about a company with same cost  , but with much higher quality
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    September 16, 2006 6:44 AM EDT

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm , may be you are right , i a-m not  thinking it as very large business . something , i make 2000 to 4000$ per month. I guess outsourcing for small home based business isnt introduced on internet except on feelancing stuff. I personally chose some coders and its always somewhat confusing which coder is cheap and best.Some risk always involved in freelancing stuff.Thats why i thought of bringing outsourcing for only small based business and i am not eying too much money , 200 to 4000$ is achievable , let me know what all you think?

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    December 4, 2012 10:09 PM EST

    Business process outsourcing became the trend and almost all companies are moving in this direction. A business firm needs to perform various functions in carrying out its business. Of these various functions one important factor is being Outsourcing.

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    December 10, 2006 11:50 AM EST
    The category is valid, it`s just that it`s already occupied. What Tata does for the Fortune 500, a host of websites do for the little guy.

    In addition to the usual suspects (elance, scriptlance, rentacoder, etc.), check out They do the virtual employee thing, and provide validation of skills. They also require the worker to work under the view of webcam so employers can verify that the work is being done (a little Orwellian, but I guess some employers like that). They have, I think, a wad of venture funding.

    You can still do this, but you will have to really deliver quality work or your clients will be gone in a heartbeat given the level of competition.