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Web Collaboration Software Suggestions

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    April 16, 2008 9:27 AM EDT
    Hey guys,

    I`m new to the community, not sure if it has been talked about yet, but just had a few questions on web-collaboration software. I run a small business and I`m looking for some type of IT infrastructure. Shared calendering, instant messaging, database, webmail, portals, etc. But it must be affordable, I`ve looked into, however they are charging close to 70$ per user. I`ve also looked at "sugarcrm", and used the free edition, which wasn`t enough, and again, the enterprise version is over my budget. The software may but does not have to include a CRM application, but if the price is right, i wouldn`t mind using it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    I would appreciate the feedback.


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    April 16, 2008 10:22 AM EDT
    Hey Sheryl,
    Appreciate the feedback. I looked at Zoho and signed up for an account but had questions about access control for sharing among my employees. We are a small company but still need to be able to partition files, schedules, etc. within the office. I could not easily see how this could be done with their service so I contacted them and did not get a quick response. I`m aware that this product is created and supported from India, which is not good for me, i need local/ US support. This is very important to our small company as well is I`m sure most companies in the US. But we`ll give them another try.

    While searching I was intrigued by two other companies, intranet connection and streetsmart by Both have integrated tools, US base support, low cost, and is private labeled with my company logo, look, etc. I`m new to online software as are my employees, so i need to select something that is easy to use, friendly, won`t confuse people, and of course good support.

    Thanks for the comment, regarding the other post on basecamp, but it`s primarily calender and tasks, and i need more than that.


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    December 3, 2008 10:04 PM EST
    Explore an open source group collaboration software for the enterprise. Startups can go for saas version.

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    April 23, 2008 4:34 AM EDT
    I agree with RabbitMountain where Google Apps are concerned. I personally use Google Apps for Domains. It allows me to collaborate both with cooperation partners (e.g. for article/presentation writing), as well as share documents with coaching clients. Because I am able to control which document is shared with whom, I can also ensure confidentiality. Although I also have an account at, I haven`t been quite as happy with their collaboration possibilities (though - otherwise - I really like it).


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    April 16, 2008 10:01 AM EDT
    You may also want to check out Base Camp -
    I`ve seen that used really well in small & large organizations.


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    April 16, 2008 10:25 AM EDT
    Try AppShore
    It is very similar to SalesForce -- and just a fraction of the cost.  I have used both SalesForce and AppShore, and to be quite honest, I like AppShore`s interface just a little bit better.  
    Let me know if this is what you`re looking for.  If not, I`d happy to do a quick bit of research and see if I can suggest a viable alternative.
    RosannaTussey4/16/2008 3:28 PM

    Rosanna Tussey
    New Mexico Candle Co.

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    April 2, 2013 8:45 PM EDT

    3D Collaboration makes work easy and safe .

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    April 20, 2008 5:45 PM EDT
    Hi! We have been having great success with central desktop. It is reasonable in pricing. My associate brought to my attention a new site, which I believe is free at I hope you find what you need:)

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