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Blogger Report

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    December 12, 2006 4:48 PM EST

    Just curious ......

    I have two blogs. One I do by myself and one I do jointly with a friend and business associate. I know some folks here at SuN have visited because the stats tell me of the referrals. I thank you for visiting.

    The blogs I participate in are for fun. Yes, on one, I promote a part of my business. However, it is more about spreading a philosophy than making money ... that will come.

    I would like to hear from other SuN members on how their blogs are doing, why they started them, how they have grown, frustrations, successes, growth strategies, marketing, etc. Anything related to your blog. Share it if you will.


    I started my LOA blog right at 6 months ago. Traffic was REALLY light at first (maybe it is now, I dunno). After 6 months I`m averaging 60+ views a day with a best day of 205 views and it is growing by leaps and bounds the last 2 months. I am about to surpass 11,000 total views this week. I don`t know if this is good, bad, great, sucky wow-wow, or what ... I`m pleased and that`s all that matters at the moment.

    Our LABS blog has been up 2 months. Averaging about 10 views a day and growing better in the last 14 days. Funny thing is LABS has more Feed Reads than LOA. Don`t know why ... yet.

    Just curious ... let`s hear your Blog Report.


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