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What do you think of

  • December 2, 2006 1:58 PM EST
    I think it is a site similar to a few others i have seen out there and from what I can see they seem to appeal to a select type of person and not the broad majority. Awesome concept and I hope to see it succeed.

    Brock Keen

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    December 26, 2008 8:11 AM EST
    BIGCRUMBS IS A HUGE SCAM!!  HERE IS MY HORROR STORY.  BigCrumbs is indeed wonderful until you start accumulating a bigger cashback.  I`ve purchased hundreds and hundreds of ebay items through bigcrumbs link.  So I`ve accumulated a significant cashback amount and guess what happened then.  Vincent S. Martin, the owner of BigCrumbs, deleted my account.  That`s it, no communication, nothing.  When I emailed customer service, the single email I`ve received was that I`ve had several unpaid items.  Awesome excuse to steal money.  There is no phone number available, anywhere.  By the way, his so called "parent company" Integral Technologies Inc. is his company to cover up his scams.
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    January 25, 2009 2:50 PM EST
    This is great!! Finally Vincent S. Martin is replying, although as expected - lying through his teeth.  Having bought hundreds of ebay items, there were a few that I`ve got refunded for typical reasons such as out of stock, damaged item, etc.  If bigcrumbs system has miscounted those items, that is NOT the fault of the customer.  But that`s not even the point.  There is only one point, you have NO RIGHT TO STEAL MONEY, and if there was a problem you should have provided CUSTOMER SERVICE if you know what that means.  Instead of defending your pyramid scheme on forums, you should have a working customer service line or at the very least reply to emails your customers send you.
    tonygru1/25/2009 8:48 PM
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    July 25, 2012 9:37 PM EDT

    This topic is a bit old but I just wanted to add my 2 cents to it.

    First of all, Gina is just Gina.  So lay off her.  She has nothing to do with how BigCrumbs is run and truth be known, Vince makes her probably just as sick as he makes everyone else that knows him.

    In regards to BigCrumbs being a legally defined scam, I don't know about that.  I worked it for about 5 years and signed up over 1,000 members directly.  I have also been paid over $12,000.  Granted, that sounds like a lot of money but for 5 years work, it's not very much when you think about it.

    Vince Martin appears to be on a high horse and if members make suggestions, he always has some excuse right away for not even considering it.  The forum is very restrictive.  You can't even edit your post and there is no real features to it.  It's like a forum from the 15th century.

    I think BigCrumbs has been going down hill for a long time.  Long before eBay cancelled their partnership with them.  Vince has launched a couple of other programs that is focused on making himself money but both are junk.  The first was 'DealBabyDeal' in which he imported BigCrumbs members into it without even asking them.  All DealBabyDeal is, is a coupon/discount site that pays basically nothing to it's members but will net Vince money every time someone clicks on a post to buy.  The second program he launched just recently, is a poor copycat version of Pinterest.  Here again, he imported all the members of BigCrumbs into it, without even informing them or asking.  

    Recently 'TransCard' cancelled the BigCrumbs debit card.  He was informed of it but he did not inform his members.  We found out by receiving a snail mail to our homes from TransCard.  Vince pretended to play dumb about it making statements that they did not tell him they were going to cancel after July 2012 and the card would no longer be active.

    I was the first one to post about the transcard cancellation.  I used the BigCrumbs transcard debit card for my payouts.  I really liked the card as it was handy for me.  I used it primarily for gasoline and walmart groceries.  The topic was going fine about this with some members expressing they use paypal only and prefer it.  That is fine and nothing wrong with a person having their preference.  However, when I started talking about the only option BigCrumbs has now is PayPal and that I like a 'Check' option, Vince stepped in.  It was like I hit a nerve or something by mentioning a check option.

    Well before you know it, the entire thread in the topic became a rant and rave consisting of long posts by Vince, putting me down any way he could.  Like I was some sort of horrific monster that joined his program 5 years ago and made him a ton of money.  The next thing I know, he is telling me to get out.

    Let me tell you something else.  Two years ago my house burnt down.  I've been having a terrible time for over two years.  I don't discuss as a norm, my personal life online.  Who cares!  Everyone has their own problems.  With the insurance to deal with, living in a hotel, then living in an RV on my property, then building a tiny addition onto my shop so I would have some where to live...whilst the insurance piddled around and I tried to think on rebuilding, a lot of my online business went to poofers.  I just couldn't do everything offline and online too.  Even so, I did focus my time online a lot, to BigCrumbs.  I also spent thousands of dollars to replace all my life long items that was burnt up.  I went thru BigCrumbs to make those purchases and altogether, received about $1,000 cash back on my own purchases..some of which was really earned before my house fire.  

    IF I had gone some where else to earn cash back, I would have been paid more.  Even my bank has an online cash back shopping in which it places cash back directly into my checking account.  But I stayed faithful to BigCrumbs since I was referring others in, I do what I promote of course.  

    I've never had anyone talk to me like Vince Martin has.  For one thing, I am 56 years old and with everything that has been going on in my life, the last thing I needed was a guy that is suppose to be the admin and running a professional program, to rant and rave at me, and tell me to get out!  For what?  Because I discussed a check option as a suggestion?  Because I said he had a one track mind?  Because I said in reply to his rants, that BigCrumbs has been going downhill?  

    Then he brings up his old Christmas contest in which I posted wondering why many of the inactive members he was giving funds too, was not posting a reply in the contest topic.  The truth of the matter is, many did not believe he was really giving inactive members money.  It is understandable some would wonder about that.  After all, how many programs do you know of that give money to members that are not active?

    Well, I don't know what to think about BigCrumbs any more and I certainly don't know what to make out of Vince Martin and his rants.  He wants his members to praise him and agree with everything he says.  If you even try to make a suggestion or offer ideas, he thinks you're trying to take over. LOL

    I had to cancel.  Even after all the work I have done and all the members I have brought in and the money I am leaving on the table.  I don't know the man from adam and he had no right to talk to me the way he did and on a public forum at that.  IF he ever had a problem with me, he never told me.  He never sent me one email or one message informing me of anything in regards to my saying something he did not like.  It was just all of a sudden, he blew up at me.  I kind of wonder about his mental state.

    Anyway, for no amount of money will I stay and continue to shop, bring members in, and promote a program in which the admin makes the kind of posts he made to me.  If you are an admin of a professional program, you know that your affiliates and members are important and they are the life blood of your program.  He just more or less, kicked out one of his top members, me.  Instead of sending me a message or asking to talk with me on the phone or whatever problem he felt he had with me.  Nope, he rants and raves on his forum like a mad man.

    So I suggest to you folks wondering if you should join BigCrumbs or not, to take your business else where.  You can in fact get higher percentage payouts on your own purchases else where.  And if you intend to build an organization, again I strongly suggest you go else where.  Because with someone like that running the show, you never know what they will do.