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Microfinancing for U.S. Business

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    March 29, 2013 4:50 AM EDT

    Hello Everyone,

    I just wrote an article about microfinancing now available for small business owners in U.S. at 0% interest rate.

    The loans are provided by KIVA Zip and is an incredible opportunity for small business owners and entrepreneurs that lack access to traditional funding sources.

    Kiva Zip is an experimental site, launched by Kiva, that enables individual lenders around the world to ‘crowd fund’ interest-free loans directly to small business owners and entrepreneurs in the US and Kenya. The three primary objectives for this program are to:

    1. Expand borrowers’ access to capital, by making loans to people who may not qualify for conventional loans.

    2. Lower the financial costs of borrowers by leveraging new technologies.

    3. Develop personal connections between Kiva Zip lenders and borrowers by enabling them to communicate on the Zip website.

    As a borrower on Kiva Zip you will have the opportunity to raise interest free capital and access a community of lenders who can serve as brand ambassadors and potential customers for your business.

    The primary difference between KIVA and KIVA Zip is that through KIVA Zip lenders are directly lending funds to entrepreneurs while KIVA uses a network of field partners in countries where it operates.

    Here is the link to the entire article:

    ***I am neither a lender, affiliate nor associated with the organization that provides these loans.***

    Amir Khan - | Free Small Business Blog and Resource

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    April 10, 2013 1:40 AM EDT


    Thank you for providing so helpful information! It’s hard to meet a person who wouldn’t like to start own business. But all the entrepreneurs have the same problem of startup funding. And it’s great that Kiva provides loans for those who have business ideas but have no money to realize them. Taking out a traditional business loan isn’t easy and that’s why people are looking for alternative ways. Some consumers apply for 1 hour payday loans but they have high interest rates and intended for short-term usage. That’s why I think that loans offered by KIVA can give start entrepreneurs a good change to start own business.