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Great Idea

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    April 24, 2013 5:53 AM EDT


    I think the basic question you are asking is if you should build it out yourself at a high cost or if you should sell your idea. You'll find as you vet both of those options out that there are dozens and dozens of factors that go into both routes. One question I think you should ask yourself is how long you want to be married to your idea. If you don't think you want to have a long relationship with your idea then maybe now would be a better time to sell it. On the other hand, if you love the idea of owning your idea and working on it for many years then developing it might make you happier in the long run!


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    April 24, 2013 1:43 AM EDT

    I have a great idea for a website, it is revolutionary it will reshape how most of the exchange happen in the world today, that will make people's lives much more efficient and there is nothing like it out there that I know of, I know this will be successful.I am currently working on it,I am making the flowchart and feature list for it, even the design and every single step on how and when I should apply those features I have it in mind, the website will expand in different fields too as it grows bigger. I am also advance studying Javascript and PHP and doing some research on business stuff that I know is quite out of my league but I have a strong feeling this is the next big thing.

    I estimate I'll be needing around $100k-300k for startup,I'll be needing programmers since the website would be big, the servers, and to rent a place for the office.

    The problem is I am too young,I am a freshman at college I don't think I have the money to pay loans if I got one,though I have my parents support on this but I wouldn't want to count on them on funding it.


    Do you think I should sell the idea to a big company like google / facebook ? I know they'll be making lots of money from it but if I can't make it then the other option is  to sell it atleast I'll be paid and the idea will be used and maybe get hired by them. or the other option is just wait a little longer and work for the capital I need?