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virtual receptionists

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    June 15, 2013 5:55 AM EDT

    Try Answering Innovations -   Answering Innovations has decades of experience offering live telephone answering service, virtual receptionist service, and call center solutions.  Call 1-800-777-1564 for more information or references.

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    May 18, 2012 12:53 PM EDT

    I need to hire a virtual receptionist or live answering service.  I'm surprised to find very little un biased online reviews or even search results here (unless I'm not using the best keywords).


    Any help from people with experience, reviews or recommendations would be appreciated.

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    June 22, 2012 8:33 AM EDT

    Have you filled this position?  I maybe able to help you.


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    June 30, 2014 6:34 PM EDT
    This is an old post but thought I'd put my .02 in anyhow. I own a wonderful virtual receptionist service (completely biased, I know!). We have several reviews on our home page and I've noticed that most of the other companies have their reviews on their websites as well. There isn't a great 3rd party resource out the for reviews. If you are leary of the online reviews you can always ask to speak to a current client. At Back Office Betties, we are happy to share a reference. I understand that your business is your life and handing it off to someone who isn't going to handle the account like it's their own can cause a lot of damage.

    Another thing I'd ask is how many people will be answering your calls. We assign small teams to an account so that we can take the time to offer training and education about the businesses that the team will answer calls for. You can be sure that your customers would not be reaching one of 100 receptionists with Betties, they would get one of five experts on your account.