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Entrepreneurs Watch Their Surroundings

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    October 19, 2011 4:42 PM EDT
    Entrepreneurs watch Occupy wall street
    Ken Esrig

    Entrepreneurs should watch Occupy Wall Street
    Ken Esrig

    Entrepreneurs tend to watch their surroundings for opportunities. The Internet calls on our most primal entrepreneurial spirits to find a way to sell something to people everywhere. The crowds forming in cities around the world offer a market of individuals begging to be taken seriously. Entrepreneurs should take the opportunity seriously

    Just like the Internet brings potential customers right into your reach, the protest provides a consolidation of consumers. The overall purpose of the revolution is to decry the disparity between corporate greed and individual earnings. This is your chance to help these demonstrators achieve their objective. Make a lot of money by identifying what they need and then bring it to them.

    While some people who support the cause and donate comfort items, someone along the production chain is making money. Even if if it the food items being placed in sandwiches for the demonstrators was sold by some grocery store who bought it from a supplier. The holier than thou approach is fine but many religious leaders will tell you that there is no mission without a margin.

    The ability to see a need and earn a profit based on good people doing good things is not a crime. If you chose to donate goods and services to the cause that is different then looking for a need and making a profit. Hospitals today are mostly for profit organizations and they make large profits. So why can't you?

    Think about what you have the ability to do and go down to the demonstrations with an eye not for the cause but for business. Find something that these people need and are willing to pay for it. Food vendors can quickly mobilize their hot dog stands and vending trucks without anyone being surprised so do not take heat from friends and family if you chose this opportunity.

    You may start an errand service for demonstrators whose lives now need some extra help. Your assists may include your car,portable furniture, coolers and a host of items that would make life better for Occupy Wall Street crowds. Plan your strategy and be consistent and determined in your new business. The money you make will surprise you if you not only think like an entrepreneur but work hard like one too.

    Entrepreneurial Coach, Ken Esrig

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    December 31, 2011 9:56 AM EST

    I actually took a new product (a toilet splash guard that I invented) and hired a graphic artist to come up with something that I could print and make a new splash guard. It was to try to help out a cause - I've been thinking of creating some custom splash guards for various cancer organizations as well to help them out too. A small portion of the proceeds goes to the Occupy Wall Street organization of your choice.


    You can check out the "American Dream...Don't Piss On The Little Guy" splash guards here at


    ToiletBibs Splash Guard