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    September 17, 2013 10:24 AM EDT



    My name is John, I live in Prague and with my best friend we have recently launched our project - Snapbook. We would love to know your opinion about this, get some critique and ideas, learn something. So what is the general idea and how it works:


    It is an online, free application/website to entertain everyone. We kinda wanted to merge amateur photographers with professionals, art and even some funny pictures, moments from movies and sitcoms. We wanted it to be open for public, so that people can like, comment and share posts they like. There are plenty of websites such as 9gag for posting random pictures with text to have fun with others and sites like 500px for sharing your wonderful shots. We wanted to fill the gap between these types of projects so we came up with our Snapbook. What differs us from others is our Mirror and other features.

    [Please, keep in mind that we are still in Beta-phase and we have unlocked only Mirrors feature. Basicaly, we are just testing it out.]

    Mirrors are about imitating/replicating/mirroring photographs, pictures, history moments, paintings etc. There are no limits, it can be either a Mirror of a famous photograph or just a Mirror of something you like. For example, if you find some interesting photo and decide to make your own version of it, it can be a funny parody or a serious and amazing photo, its totally up to you. Others can like and discuss your work. You can even create a completely original Mirror by creating your own original photo (e.g. portrait of a girl in summer), then make another version of it (portrait of a guy in winter). The only rule is, it has to look similar - zoom, angle, the more the better. If you find difficult to understand the principle just from words, you will understand the whole thing after visiting the website.

    As I have mentioned, we have other features prepared and are about to release them, yet, we don't want to spoil anything - there are other developers watching, hehe:))


    Our goals and some important info that should be mentioned:

    We understand that Snapbook has potential to be visited by large amount of people if it gets popular. That is basically our main goal - to have a big, creative and nice community that will have fun. Not only professional photographers but amateurs aswell. Snapbook will be free for use in general. In the future, we are planning to make premium account option for users that wants to support us and get some special content and benefits. 

    We did everything by ourselves (Desing and coding) We wanted light and simple design which is good looking,easy to understand and work with. First we thought about it, did some sketches and from that point we had our first layout, which was looking nearly the same as the page is looking right now.


    For further info, feel free to visit Snapbook website and please, leave us your questions and comments down below. Thank you for your time, we really appreciate any help and suggestions you can provide.


    Jan Fidler & Jan Fryauf