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Outsourcing benefits to a home business

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    June 4, 2013 12:57 AM EDT

    Hey that's cool :) This is a very informative read.  

    Knowing when to do things onshore and offshore in outsourcing is also crucial.  Can save a lot of money too.



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    December 16, 2012 7:59 PM EST


    I only use Freelancer and Odesk to outsource tasks. It doesn't matter which country I hire people from as long as they finish the task on time and their output is great. But most of the time I hire people from India, Philippines, and in Asia as they are more technical.


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    September 21, 2012 1:34 AM EDT

    It is very difficult to maintain your level what you get at the time of level 0 and it remain when you give an extra effort and quality work.

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    December 15, 2011 6:41 AM EST

    Here is a good read. This shows how small or home businesses can benefit from outsourcing. Outsoursing can help you become more efficient, more productive, and a lot more. Enjoy!


    Increase Home Business Profits With Outsourcing

    Suppose you are earning a nice profit of $3000 per month and that is also just due to your small home business. Your home business has been open for less than a year, but the noticeable point may be that you reached that amount just 1 month ago and now it will become difficult to raise profit level as we should not forget that you might have reached a limit.


    Now the question arises that what steps or decisions can be taken to increase your monthly profit income. The answer can be simplified as that we may migrate to any third developing country or another source. It may function as that half of the work could be taken by employs living far away from our particular location.


    Such as answering the phone calls for the customers and satisfying them with their problems. For this purpose the employment of the employs can be done from any part of the world as it dont make any difference for a costumer that the person whom he is talking to is in U.S or Pakistan all what he needs is proper answers for his queries.


    Now the question arises that when you work yourself your work is just kept limited to yourself there is no one to suggest you about your ideas or to provide you with any new plan which helps you in long run.


    Outsourcing will provide you with a platform to break that limit. Because we all know that every mind has its own way to think about any thing. For example if you are working with fifty people around the globe every one can add some useful ideas and in other words we can say that one brain is replaced with fifty innovative brains.


    On a smaller scope, you can outsource by hiring a virtual assistant when things get rough. Remember that you dont need to do outsourcing just for the things that you cannot complete. You can use it as an effective tool in managing your time and your businesses operations.


    By building an outsourcing capability in your business you can take that mark to a new level. By hiring the people from the same industry that you belong to you can easily multiply the income to your business.


    The things you need to keep in mind are as follows:

    - Hire people belonging to your same line of business.

    * As they can be helpful while you are taking any decisions.

    - Hire people that are just starting their career and have no much experience.

    * Because young boys are ready to learn new things and work at very low-price.


    - Maintain a proper and continuous record of who you hire and what their actual duties are.

    * It will help you to find out about their performance

    - Enhance your work force at least after every two months.

    * To achieve new levels of success

    - Keep and maintain a proper system of records.

    * As it can be helpful to calculate progress rate

    - Be cooperative with your staff.

    * People you hire are there to help, so always help them get ahead and be cooperative with your staff.

    - Always have a positive approach.

    * As most of the people consider it the main point of their business policy


    Article Source:


    Account Manager

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    April 18, 2012 5:31 AM EDT

    The nice thing about outsourcing is that it can help you leverage your time.  I am currently looking for a virtual assistant, because I believe a good one can do admin tasks at a faster rate than I can for a lower hourly rate than what I charge for my time.  This will free me up to work on my business and generate more revenue.  This concept can apply to many tasks.  It took me a long time to come around to hiring things out, but now that I've done it with a few things, it's wonderful, and I am make so much progress in my business at a faster pace!

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    December 16, 2012 9:55 PM EST

    It's good to hear that. I am a Filipino and it is inspiring to see that Philippines is one of your top choices. :)


    I only use Freelancer and Odesk to outsource tasks. It doesn't matter which country I hire people from as long as they finish the task on time and their output is great. But most of the time I hire people from India, Philippines, and in Asia as they are more technical.



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    Mike Banawa Expert Virtual Assistants for Hire

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    December 15, 2012 11:05 AM EST

    Outsourcing has played a great part in my life and has been my steady source of income for 5 years already. I was previously a Workforce Supervisor in the Business Management department of T-Mobile Phone support. I learned a lot about how to run an Outsourcing Business which lead me to open my own business and go Entrepreneur-Mode. I just recently created a website dedicated to provide online business solutions such as Customer Service, Virtual Assistance and more.


    Before hiring a Virtual Assistant. You have to understand what a virtual assistant really is. There are those who are limited to just data entry, research and phone support. But there are more talents out there that are perfect for your business needs. Learn more about understanding Virtual Assistants in the PAOutsource BLOG.



    Mike Banawa Expert Virtual Assistants for Hire

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    November 22, 2012 1:05 AM EST

    Memorable explanation of outsourcing, all the points related to outsourcing the business are perfect. I have the experience of 5 years and I learned only one thing that to improve and grow your business you will definitely need to outsource it.

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    January 12, 2012 1:04 PM EST

    Great post!


    I am also into outsourcing. For me, it's not really much of a big deal on wherever country you outsource to, the important thing is it has good quality and it get to be cost effective. Outsourcing is for everyone who needs to save time or money, may it be for business or something personal.


    Yes, I have to agree that not all firms or person you hire, give you great or fast results, only lesser cost. But I think it is possible to have both, high quality and cost effectiveness, if you just do some research first about the possible candidate. Because there's no way to be sure on whether the person you've employed is going to do the best job. That's why we need to have the best technique on hiring. Because all we are left to do is trust that person and hope for the best result.

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    January 18, 2012 4:56 AM EST

    I want to add a couple of points to that.


    Hire for attitude and train for skill.  I always make sure I hire people who have the character traits I admire even if they are less skilled than their competitors. They can learn my nuances but they won't necessarily change their attitude.


    Hire people who PLAY at what you consider to be WORK.  This ties in with my last point but I just hired a maid yesterday. She got the job because she LOVES to clean. I treat all of my outsourcers and employees the same way.  They must love what they're doing. Sometimes it doesn't work out that way but if someone plays at it they always do a better job than the person who views it as work.



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    February 3, 2012 5:54 PM EST is great for getting used to outsourcing.  They charge 70$/month and do unlimited tasks under 15 mins.  They're great.

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    November 13, 2013 12:07 AM EST

    Best way is to get a freelancer or a freelance company. Best sites are Elance and Odesk. However, I personally appreciate Elance, because it is very user friendly and safe. I know this because I am in both Elance and Odesk.


    In which site you chose, what really matters is how you select people. Why? Look for the following reasons.


    1. 90% of the bidding will come from people who just copy and paste the same bid message in everywhere they see. 

    2. Lot of people will promise to provide the product within 1 day or 2 days, which actually take weeks. 

    3. Some people will even bid for very low price, which is of course unbelievable! You know what that means, they don't know the job.

    4. As a software Engineer, my experience says we, the technical people can’t understand what the client want by just reading a small job description. The reason is, most clients post jobs, either without enough information or not having a clear idea about what they need. If any freelancer agreed to do your work without even a single question, then that is a matter. Because most probably they don’t know what they are doing. 


    Consider  these issues before you hire freelancers.  People that who bid with more details and at least one question are the people who ‘really’ read your job post and know how to do the job.


    However, I am also running a start-up software firm. If you are interested, please PM me, I will give you all the details you want.



    Best Regards,


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