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Which E-commerce?

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    July 20, 2012 11:51 PM EDT

    I've been using Virtuemart alongside Joomla for a while, but I found it very outdated and clumsy, so I decided to move along. I'm running web shop with few hundred products, therefore I'm looking for a good and easy e-commerce system with beautiful templates. Which one do you recommend?

    I heard OpenCart might be the best option out there, but some also say that PrestaShop is even better. What's you opinion, what personal experiences do you have?

    Business Coaching Gold Coast

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    July 23, 2012 5:20 PM EDT

    HI, In order to get templates for your Ecom site I suggest where I got 3000 more templates to work on. The .com deals with all web related service at an affordable charge.

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    July 23, 2012 7:51 PM EDT

    Ecommerce website development is related to your business. E-commerce is the buying and selling of products and services by businesses and consumers over the Internet. It can provide the information about the product with business customer. So you have to design your website which include all your business information.

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