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The 1 Penny Sale

    • 18 posts
    March 12, 2012 1:41 PM EDT

    Let's face it we all like a good deal but when it comes to the 1 penny sale, we just don't understand how a legitimate business can survive.   I'm sure we've all heard the expression... you get what you pay for.    Could the 1 penny sale be a desperate attempt to make a sale?   Could it be that the individual seller does not depend on the income of his/her sale?  Could it be that the seller is just selling as a hobby?  


    So as we try to figure out this marketing technique, we have to ask.... would you buy products from sellers who sell items for 1 penny?   If so, do you expect the same kind of service as if you had paid regular retail price?   Would you trust your financial information with a 1 penny seller?   Would you expect the same kind of service (hassle-free returns, invoice, shipping confirmation,etc) from a 1 penny seller?


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