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Online Payments on MY Website!

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    June 30, 2011 6:37 PM EDT

    I need to accept payments on my website without paying a web developer BIG bucks to build it into my website for me. I don't want my customers to be sent to another website to make a payment. I want it done on my website.

    While doing some research I came across this company called SoftPay Solutions. ( They have a web plugin can be used on any website. It's basically a user interface for customers to manage their online billing account. Their software automates the recurring billing for you as well and sends out email & sms notifications with customizable templates. It sounds to good to be true. I found other companies that offer similar services but their only option is to use their API in order to accept the payment on my website.

    Have you ever used SoftPay Solutions or another company similar? If so, please comment as I'm considering the different online payment options for my small business.