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Seek info product site help

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    December 28, 2012 6:36 PM EST

    Hi All...

    Hoping for feedback on my latest ebook info product sales site. The topic is "Visual Marketing" (think 'Visual SEO').

    I'm a computer graphics and visual communication expert and the site is meant to help people improve website sales through better web page visuals, eye path, layout, etc.

    I've been a website/blog Designer/Developer/Marketer for 16 years (and a digital artist much longer) and feel I've learned a lot. I would like to help others through free posts and also via my paid ebook.

    This is my own site design in WordPress, based on the StudioPress Genesis Framework and one of their themes.

    My biggest challenges are (please tell me if I'm wrong):

    1. Getting sales (very sparse now)
    2. Getting backlinks
    3. Engaging visitors to read my copy, then take action.

    Home page Bounce Rate is around 60% (month average) and Time On Page about 120 to 150 seconds. 

    Thanks All

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    January 2, 2013 8:55 AM EST

    Hey there, I have to admit after reading your post, I was expecting a bit more from your website. Since the topic of your site is visual marketing, I would expect your site to be visually pleasing and effective. It's not horrible but it's not something I find to be very effective.

    I realize everyone's opinion is different but there are certain standards that most people agree on.

    I think web page visuals, eye path, and layout are critical to convert leads and sales online and I like that you focus on them. However, I find it easy to get lost on your page for a few reasons:

    • Too much white, different colored areas would help guide the eyes where you want them to go. It's very and white. Maybe that's what you were going for.
    • Your main content area is wider than most other sites. Visitors find that overwhelming in my opinion and will likely leave more quickly
    • You would benefit from more vertical and horizontal margin space. For example, above and below the main nav. Dividing up the blog post squares at the bottom with a border might be a good option
    • You might look into sprucing up your logo a bit since it's often the first thing many visitors look at.
    I do like the overall layout of the page which is a classic wordpress layout.
    Not sure if you were looking for a visual review but those are my thoughts. It doesn't appear that you have any backlinks to your site so I would agree with you when you say that is one of your challenges. I think you have to do regular SEO in addition to the visual SEO as you call it.


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