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Help needed (SEO/conversion) to improve sites

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    May 17, 2013 3:58 AM EDT

    I checked out your "A Life That Counts" site and here are my personal opinions:  I think that you have a great story and it looks like a great book.  But I do think that the site needs some majoring upgrading, if you don't mind me saying.  To me, it just doesn't look very clean and attractive.  No offense, but the design looks very outdated, and for what you are trying to do, you need a site that is attractive and that pulls people in the second they come to it.  So I do recommend some redesigning.  I hate to suggest it because I know you just hired someone to build it, but I feel that you deserve to at least hear the truth from someone else who designs websites and does digital marketing.  But again, just my opinion.

    As regards the SEO....meta title and description tags are very important to any site.  Yours are not optimized.  First of all, you are only allowed 70 characters for the title and 155-160 for the description meta tag.  Some of your tags go way over those limits.  You want to make sure that you use your most important keywords towards the very beginning of the tag, and also make sure that every single page has its own unique meta tags.  Whoever built your site used the meta keyword tag and filled it with various keywords.  As a general rule, you should NEVER use the meta keyword tag.  Search engines used to use them to determine what a web page was about.  But they began to get abused so much that search engines just ignore them.  Actually, if they see meta keyword tags, it automatically sends up red flags, because the only sites that still use them are spammy sites.  So I would strongly recommend that you remove them from your pages.

    As far as alt tags for your images go, you have to access the actual HTML of the page in order to tweak those.  Just make sure that you use unique tags for each image.  It may not make a huge difference to your rankings, but every little thing counts, right?

    Well, I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any more questions about what I said.  I wish you the best.

    David @ Touch Point Digital Marketing

    A New Orleans SEO and web design company for small businesses.

    David @ Touch Point Digital Marketing
    A New Orleans SEO & web design company.

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    May 16, 2013 2:57 AM EDT


    Search engine optimization is clearly important in this day and age. When SEO conversion rate comes down to it, SEO is all about a return on investment. While high-quality, search engine optimized content is a great way to boost your traffic numbers.


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    May 19, 2013 7:22 PM EDT

    There is a issue being in a populated area. Probably compensated marketing cautiously properly done might help too.  That way you can concentrate in on certain viewers or unique objectives.

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    seo consulting company

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    May 13, 2013 1:07 PM EDT

    Hi all. I am an individual / small business with 2 websites that are set-up to ultimately

    1) sell my book and workbook

    2) establish my personal brand and facilitate me getting more motivational speaking requests, and provide the following and foundation for me to run future seminars / webinars / workshops (specific to the book / workbook) (personal site)

    I feel that the content on the websites is good and I know the product is good as it has received great reviews. However I just don't feel I am leveraging the power of the internet and gaining enough traffic and enough conversion. I know there are simple things I can do to make the sites better and more effective and I would love reviews and feedback on both design / functionality / effectiveness to help me.

    As some background:

    The website was built by an external company but they have been very poor on SEO related issues. I am currently about to start rectifying this and have identified some key things to get fixed in short order. These include:

    1. Moving blog from subdomain to and

    2. Putting webmaster tools on the site

    3. Optimising blog names (they currently appear as a query)

    4. Getting xml sitemap and robots txt to work

    5. Checking url canonicalisation and establishing 301 redirect

    6. Inserting 404 error page 

    7. I also know that the site is slow to load - how do I fix this ?

    8. I left the pop-up on Should I get rid of this as it is annoying? Should I change it to an under-pop instead? Any other suggestions

    9. How do you use alt tags for images ?

    10. Any suggestions for getting more in-bound links ? Do they make much difference with google's Panda update

    Help needed:

    I am open to any feedback that people are willing to give. So thankyou in advance for your time to review them and offer advice. 




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    May 29, 2013 12:55 AM EDT

    Nice topic, thanks for sharing and thanks to all of you for sharing your feedback on this helpful topic.

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    May 13, 2013 3:00 PM EDT

    That's a pretty tall order and list.Wink

    We find that first impressions matter a lot, as do real BASICS of advertising put into a website.  Yours lacks a few of those basics.  Looking at the book site, it's a bit slow.  That's a hazard of program-generated sites and slow access to videos.  Our expert would know how to improve it but I can't remember how, and someone has to study it a few minutes (ie 5 to 15 minutes).

    Don't assume the web design company was not concerned with some issues they may not mention, like Hackers getting into your main site.  Often that's why a blog is separated, but that doesn't help much on ranking.  We find organic to be very Uncertain and difficult.

    With long experience, we've seen a lot of failures. Most sites are failures, over 90%.   People try to skip over proven direct marketing methods and old important principles.

    For example, your Headlines don't grab much.  You don't much name the audiences and  STATE THE BENEFITS up front.  You list them at the bottom.  We give examples in our Web Success articles

    The Video needs a  Nice picture of you as the Link, not the YouTube first Frame.  The vid start is fuzzy and does not flatter you until about 10 seconds in.  Once you are talking, you come across much better.  You may need a professionally done picture, a couple of interesting pictures from your career highlights.  Maybe even a walk-on showing YOU dynamic and inspiring looking (think Anthony Robbins).  The sound has to be better.  Get someone to clean up the sound track noise a bit?

    Get your difference and advantage into a NUTSHELL, a few words about  REAL WINNERS can SHOW YOU HOW FAST.    My and my fellow Olympians WIN for a REASON.  We can SHOW YOU HOW TOO.  (but a fine line between over-hype and credibility).

    Your website just needs about two to five hours tweaking and sparkling up by a professional. The black probably has to go. 

    You invested probably half a million dollars of effort in becoming an Olympic winner.  You probably need to spend about $200-500 USD more to make this site a winner.  That's not a lot when you figure it will sell for you for years, and cost a few cents per day, to work 24 hours a day. 

    Besides, you are presenting YOU and it should be first class;  You are and it should reflect that.  People size up a site in about 4 seconds, and it says volumes fast, either good or not so good.  Right now it is somewhere in between, almost "pretty good".

    Remember, organic promotion is incredibly difficult, requiring uniqueness and traffic to get traffic.  Usually only bigger companies can get all that going in a reasonable time (not 3 -4 years).  

    There is a problem being in a crowded field. Probably paid promotion conservatively carefully done might help too.  That way you can focus in on certain audiences or special goals.  Consider there will be a lot of people wanting to get inspired and do better, but when they see Olympian..  they think  MASSIVE DRIVE AND WORK, incredible will-power and a decision to be the best and not give up.  That's going to scare a lot of people who want a magic bullet.. easy way out.  They enjoy their free time and TV too much, etc.   You have to answer that hidden objection coming out the door.   Selling what you sell is pretty psychological stuff! Tongue out

    You are doing the right thing to Get several opinions, but rely more on professionals because there are many caveats and pitfalls to avoid.  Like we say.. don't waste 3 years !!  That's expensive and disheartening.

    I hate to be brazen but I think we are running a one hour free special on one hour Website Critiques for a while. Laughing

    We may look at your personal site later. 

    Good Luck !!


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    May 15, 2013 11:42 PM EDT

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